Clive Palmer criticises the budget as he announces a move from the lower house.
Clive Palmer criticises the budget as he announces a move from the lower house. Warren Lynam

Clive Palmer won't rule out standing for a Senate seat

AT A press conference following what is likely his final speech in the House of Representatives Clive Palmer has looked back at his time as Member for Fairfax. 

"I think it is good to reflect upon when we had the balance of power in the Parliament, which was given to us by the people of Australia," he said.  

"The heat was really on Glenn Lazarus and Jacqui Lambie to stop us from taking the stance we took in the Senate.

"We stopped the higher education Bill, Woodstock the Medicare co-payment.

"We were successful in reducing the carbon tax, having $1.6 billion across this country as a reduction for gas and electricity prices which the government wouldn't have or accept.

"We have made a difference in stopping the 2014 budget."

Mr Palmer said the Palmer United Party had a track record of "representing Australia and holding the government to account in the Senate".

"You don't hear much about that anymore," he said. 

When asked if he would himself be running for a Queensland Senate seat Mr Palmer said PUP's Senate candidates would be announced at a later time. 

"We can't give you all the news now or you wouldn't come to that press conference," he said.

"Let me say this, as I said before. What I would say to you is our marriage is a union of two people, and when you leave your job, whatever it is, as I have done today, you have to say that you will consult with your wife.

"We will wait and see what happens. I'm sure there will be a conference by the party. Whatever happens, I am here to support the Palmer United Party.

"We haven't deserted the people of Australia and we will make sure the balance of power is regulated, will stop the candidates in this election are experienced people with strong convictions."


Q&A with Clive Palmer

Q. You didn't name Glenn Lazarus, you were successful in getting three. Is it so bad there that you won't acknowledge he won a seat with your party?

"We will talk about Senator Lazarus if you want to, and he won 6000 votes in his own name for the election, while our party won 225,000 votes for our party," he said.

"Senator Lazarus would not be in the Senate without those votes.

"He crumbled and couldn't take the pressure, he was chairman of the Queensland inquiry which got rid of Campbell Newman in Queensland, and if you went to any of those inquiries you would have seen all the senators from the LNP screaming and shouting and abusing him.

"I guess, when you play football a lot you like to see how your game is going, so he is used to good public city. In my case I am used to bad publicity so it doesn't worry me."

Q. Isn't it the case that you decided not to contest the seat of Fairfax because you knew that you would lose it?

"No, I think the situation  is, in the House of Representatives we have very... We are one of the major parties ruling the numbers," Mr Palmer said.

"We can make a positive conclusion to Australia.

"But that was a personal decision of mine because since I stood in the seat of Fairfax about eight months ago, I moved to the Gold Coast with my wife and family as I am heading to a retirement phase of my life, I am now 62, and I believe that you should live in the electorate that you represent, and that was one of the key things I looked up."

Palmer vows PUP will field senate candidates in every state

AS CLIVE Palmer bows out of the lower house of parliament the outgoing member for Fairfax said the Palmer United Party would remain a part of the political landscape.

Mr Palmer declared he would not seek re-election to the House of Representatives, but promised the Palmer United Party would contest senate elections in every state.

"The Palmer United voting record has been clear in the 44th parliament and it is what the electorate needs to judge at the election," he said.

He said attacks made against him during his term as Fairfax MP were based on his personal interests, not his parliamentary work.

"Rather than endless attacks on individuals in parliament, debate in this chamber should focus on the agenda for the nation," his speech read.

"Personal integrity is an important quality that needs to be at the very heart of public service.

"Any person seeking public office must realise it's not about him, it's about service for the greater good.

"In this place all members must repress their own personal interests for the benefit of the nation, the citizens of Australia who elect us to put Australia's interest before our own."

In his speech Mr Palmer suggested his exit from the lower house would not mark the end of his public service.

"I feel with the love and support of my wife Anna, I can contribute further to our great country," Mr Palmer said.

"Public service is not just about parliament or government service, there are thousands of Australians serving our great country.

"I hope I can go on serving our country in the future."


Clive Palmer won't contest Fairfax seat at federal election

MAVERICK Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer will not recontest the seat at the upcoming federal election expected to be called for July 2.

Mr Palmer, who entered parliament in 2013 after spectacularly winning the blue ribbon Liberal seat from Ted O'Brien by 52 votes, will make the announcement in the House of Representatives about 10.30am.

Earlier today he lambasted the Federal Budget delivered last night by Treasurer Scott Morrison saying it talked about jobs and growth but had provided for neither.

Mr Palmer questioned why the $50 billion submarine contract which guaranteed jobs for 14,000 people in Whyalla hadn't been matched by support for 22,000 people who had lost jobs in the Queensland mining industry.

He claimed he was being used as a distraction by State and Federal Governments for their failure to save what we have and to increase Australia's industrial infrastructure.

Mr Palmer said the LNP had neglected Fairfax and the Sunshine Coast in favour of the Gold Coast.

"You look to the Bruce Highway and that's self-evident," he said.

"If the Coast continues to vote LNP they will continue to be taken for granted."

Mr Palmer listed among his achievements saving $15 million worth of school children bonuses in Fairfax in the process assisting 14,000 families here, $1.6 billion across Australia for killing the carbon tax, and 35,000 people in his electorate who relied on income support of some kind.

"Being the Member for Fairfax was not about self-promotion," he said.

"It is about the content of what you deliver.

"People in Fairfax are $8000 better off because we were able to stop the 2014 budget.

"That's why we are not like and why they don't want us around."

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