BE AWARE; BallyCara CEO and positive ageing advocate Marcus Reilly discusses making choices.
BE AWARE; BallyCara CEO and positive ageing advocate Marcus Reilly discusses making choices.

Choosing a retirement style to suit yourself

POSITIVE Ageing advocate Marcus Riley is well aware that everyone has a different idea of what they want from retirement living and it's not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Mr Riley shares five key considerations to help individuals determine the right retirement living option.

1. Plan

Planning will involve considering some what-if scenarios which isn't exactly a joy to ponder but by word it is well worth doing. It is about contemplating what is important to you, so that your personal priorities govern future decisions. Planning will help you maintain control, at a time where you are at greatest risk of having no control.

2. Preferences

Individuals need to establish a criteria along with their personal preferences, that need to be met. For instance, consider location and ask yourself, Do I want to be somewhere I live now? Somewhere closer to my family? Do I want to live in the hustle and bustle of an urban area or by the seaside?

Additionally, the range of services and amenities need to be considered to ensure that they are suited to individual needs and preferred lifestyle.

Ask yourself if there is a good physical therapy program to help me maintain my mobility? Does the physical environment appeal to me? Is green space important to me?

3. Research

I'd strongly urge individuals to speak with people who possess direct experience of a village which ideally would be residents and families, but could also be staff, GP or other service providers associated with the village. It is vital to obtain full details regarding fees and charges as they may vary from place to place and identify those 'hidden costs' as well.

4. Ask

Do your own research and speak with people that live there and key staff members - this will allow you to check that the organisation is aligned to your own values.

5. Understand

Be proactive and seek your own legal advice so that you are completely clear and confident with the terms and conditions of your purchase and ongoing arrangements. This is something you want to be clear-cut from the start.

Mr Riley is CEO of BallyCara, a charitable organisation and public benevolent institution which provides accommodation, health, and care services for older people as well as a range of support and advisory functions to service-based industries.

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