We should arm our children with the mental strength they will need to endure life's hurdles.
We should arm our children with the mental strength they will need to endure life's hurdles. iStock

Children need to cop it on the chin

Stop blaming everyone else... now. It is not doing you or your children any favours.

It is too easy to point the finger at an obvious culprit - guilty they may be - while absolving ourselves of any responsibility. We are responsible for our own actions, reactions and thoughts. And this is the most important lesson our kids need to learn.

The word resilience is thrown around a lot, often aimed at the next generation and their lack of it. Parents are being blamed for mollycoddling their young, resulting in a new breed of sensitive souls unable to deal with normal life pressures. In fact, it is being so overused it no longer registers for many, just another key word with little meaning when you're trying to get through a hectic day.

But listen up. That word and an understanding of it might just save your child's life one day.

I understand it is hard to watch your offspring feel fear about a new challenge, or anger when things don't go their way, or sadness when they lose a race or game of sport. Watching their troubled little faces is enough to break your heart some days. But that's life.

There is no quick way to learn life's lessons and have an appreciation, understanding and empathy for them without first experiencing them yourself. So yes, our children must go through some bad times as well as the good to be able to deal with the rest of their lives.

And in an age where youth suicide numbers are growing and school bullying is no longer contained within school gates, we must teach our children resilience at the same time as trying to stamp out this horrible behaviour.

March 16 marked the eighth National Day of Action against Bullying in Australia. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asked every school to join in on that day to take a stand against bullying and come up with ideas to put an end to this unwanted rot.

Well here's an idea - let's have a National Resilience Day too. Let's fight the issue from both sides and arm our children with the mental strength they will need to endure life's hurdles. Let's give them the knowledge they need to rise above those who will never toe the line of humanity. Let's show them that while many things in the world are out of their control, there are still so many they can control - and that starts with themselves.

Let's empower our children to do away with social media and learn to rise above the hatred. The old saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" should become a mantra. Because now more than ever, our children must heed this life lesson.

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