Anti-vaxers want to start their own child care centre

AN IDEA to start up a child care centre for non-vaccinated children on the Northern Rivers has been met with heavy criticism by health experts who say non-vaccination puts lives at risk.

Tabulam resident Juanita "Wanda" Halden said the idea to start up such a child care centre was prompted by government changes such as the "No Jab - No Play and No Pay" policy.

Ms Halden said the aim of the No Vacc Child Care Centre would be to prevent "adverse health reaction risk or infection from newly vaccinated children or no risk of death from vaccine related injury".

But Northern NSW Local Health District Director of Public Health Paul Corben stressed the importance of vaccines in preventing life threatening diseases such as whooping cough, measles, diphtheria and meningitis.

He said immunisation had been incredibly effective at reducing death and disease in Australia and around the world.

"There is very good evidence that vaccines protect against these infections, and over the years have saved countless lives," he said.

Ms Halden said she had already received expressions of interest for the project including from private child care providers, parents and property developers.

"It's proven in many countries that multiple vaccinations cause autism, adverse health reactions, spread communicable disease, cause damage to blood, brain tissue and sometimes death," Ms Halden said.

Her main references for not supporting vaccination include the vaccine court Wikipedia page, a Huffington Post article, a non-peer review article published on the Pace Law review website, an anti-vaccination website and two online articles on mercury toxicity.

Ms Halden said government changes which allowed child care centres to refuse unvaccinated children was "medical slavery and abuse" and akin to "war crimes, crimes against humanity (and) human rights violations".

She urged parents to do more "independent research" outside of pharmaceutical sponsored university research or government publications.

But Mr Corben said in Australia, vaccines go through rigorous safety and effectiveness assessments before approval.

He said infants in the first few months of life were very susceptible to severe infections and had not yet benefitted from the full protection of vaccinations.

"It is therefore vital that children and adults around them are vaccinated to stop the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases," he said.

Ms Halden said the No Vacc Child Care Centre was currently only a project idea that would hopefully move into research and development in 2016.

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