Entertaining delivery: Man finally gets some chicken nuggets

WEDNESDAY 10.45am: ONE man's plight to be delivered chicken nuggets while flooded in in his South Lismore home has had an entertaining development.

While they weren't airdropped and they're not from the SES (that delivery is still pending), some of Tom Papworth's friends have "canoed" by, delivering to him a packet of highly-sought-after chicken nuggets.

The dramatic, and entertaining delivery, was captured on video: 


SATURDAY 12pm: THEY may not be airdropped but the SES have received this message loud and clear - and are organising to get this man some chicken nuggets.

Brent Hunter from NSW SES said: "I have personally spoken to Tom and unfortunately advised him no nuggs are on the way due to higher priorities.

"But I will try and get him some in the next couple of weeks."

Mr Papworth said this is music to his ears after a false alarm last night.

Tom Papworth | Supplied

"Late last night my house started to shake with the noise of the rescue helicopter hovering just above my house!

"In a dramatic twist to the story I laughed at the thought of an actual nugget airdrop but my pregnant neighbour from across the road was being airlifted to hospital as she was experiencing contractions."

But in all seriousness, Mr Papworth praised the hardworking and tireless efforts of emergency services and said:

"I'm just an everyday guy who was running low on nuggets and thought it would be in good taste to share some lighthearted humour with a grief stricken community."

Brent Hunter from SES NSW and their to do list - get chicken nuggets to Tom.
Brent Hunter from SES NSW and their to do list - get chicken nuggets to Tom. SES NSW

Chicken nugget sign brings comic relief to flooded residents

FRIDAY 2pm: ATTENTION emergency services. There is a man in South Lismore. And he wants chicken nuggets. Stat.

Amidst the grim nature that is the severe flooding in Lismore, there is one man giving people a well needed laugh.

South Lismore resident Tom Papworth has strung a sign up on the balcony of this two-storey property.

He is completely surrounded by floodwaters. And he is almost out of chicken nuggets.

"I'm stuck inside so I thought I'd make a sign to give people a bit of a laugh.

"And it's working. 

"A lot of people are cruising up and down the street on canoes and I can hear them laughing.

Tom Papworth | Supplied

"That was the whole idea, to make light of a bad situation."

Mr Papworth said the water is currently a foot off the 1974 flood mark out the front of his house.

"I don't think people expected this flood to get to the level it has.

"Residents were asked to evacuate, but a lot of the people have stayed in their houses.

"We live in a flood zone, we knew it was going to happen. And as bad as it is, events like this unite the community."

Tom Papworth | Supplied

While Mr Papworth is lucky to still have electricity and running water - although it is backed up - he has lost some furniture stored on the ground floor of his property.

"I've been here a few years and when people started moving things I thought I'd better too.

"When water started coming up I moved my motorbike to higher ground but a few things I haven't been able to move because I am here on my own are completely waterlogged now."

While South Lismore waits for flood waters to start receding, Mr Papworth is pleased his sign has brought a bit of light relief to the situation.

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