BE PREPARED: Make sure you've got a checklist for severe storms.
BE PREPARED: Make sure you've got a checklist for severe storms.

CHECKLIST: 7 tips to prepare your home for storms

WITH the weather intensifying and the Local Disaster Management Group ramping up their preparations, it's important that Fraser Coast residents know what to do in case of dangerous storms.

Fraser Coast State Emergency Service controller Bob Biram said it was important residents stayed safe and sound during the storms, with the local SES group working on 48 jobs through the region.

"If you've got anything loose floating around the yard, make sure it's under cover or secured. But stay off the road; it's shocking out there," he said.

"Sandbagging is happening around the Fraser Coast and the local SES group is watching and waiting for what happens next."


A home emergency plan from the Queensland State Emergency Service is available here. But in the meantime, here are 10 quick tips to stay storm safe:

  • If it's flooded, forget it - the oldest rule in the book, but the most essential. Driving through flooded roads is a huge risk in itself, and one that's so easily disregarded by drivers. If you come across a flooded road, don't drive through it. Make arrangements to find an alternate route or contact your local SES group.
  • Make sure your car is secure - keep your vehicle in a garage or sheltered area and away from trees or telegraph poles. Check to see if your car insurance is current and covers you adequately from any damages sustained in the storm.
  • Get your emergency stocks in order - a checklist of essential supplies, including drinking water, spare batteries for torches and lanterns and extra blankets, should be a part of everyone's preparation list. Details on the essential are available on the SES form above. When planning, make sure your stocks are updated and extra supplies are available.
  • Check your roof - check the condition of loose tiles, eaves and screws to prevent debris from falling in the event of a storm. Gutters and pipes should be cleaned to prevent overflowing.
  • Secure loose items - items like garden furniture, toys, tools and power/gardening equipment can cause damage if blown around in the storm, so make sure everything is stowed safely in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure your house is sandbagged - sandbags are available from your local council or SES group for purchase (for Fraser Coast residents, sandbags are available from the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre and Maryborough SES shed). If flooding is an issue, sandbags can be placed along gaps and entrances to prevent water from spilling in.
  • Be aware of severe weather warnings - if one is issued, disconnect electrical appliances, turn off main gas and electrical supplies, fill buckets and bathtubs with clean water in case of interruptions to the main supply and listen to the local radio for updates on the event and warnings/safety messages.

For emergency assistance, contact the SES on 132 500.

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