JOIN US: Eric Boel (left) and Geoff Mayhew set up shop for U3A Ipswich and West Moreton.
JOIN US: Eric Boel (left) and Geoff Mayhew set up shop for U3A Ipswich and West Moreton.

Challenge mind in the third age

A FRIEND of mine, let's call him Charlie, is always talking about retirement every time we meet.

Charlie is still working even though he is of the age where he can retire if he wants to but I suspect he is frightened to so do. The big "R", as he calls it, scares him.

It scares him, not because he wouldn't be able to do something with his time after work, but because he is frightened of change.

Charlie is the type of person who enjoys everything to remain constant in his life.

And retirement is a big change in his daily routine.

There are lots of Charlies out there in society, I am sure.

People, who like Charlie, are put off by change in their everyday life.

Let's face it, not getting up every work day morning and heading off to the office is a big change to get used to.

The loss of socialisation with fellow workers and the loss of being active each work day is difficult to come to grips with but something all of us eventually have to face.

This time of our lives is commonly called 'the third age'.

The first age is considered to be from birth to commencement of work, the second age from commencing work to retirement while the third age is retirement until the time in life when you lose independence and the ability to look-after yourself.

That is when we move into the fourth age of the life cycle.

The third age of life can be very exciting.

It is a time when hopefully we still maintain a healthy life style, are able to become involved in those things that were not possible by being in paid full-time employment and generally having time to enjoy life.

It is a time when we can tackle those things that we have always wanted to do but never found the time previously. It is the time when you can fulfil that "bucket-list" of things you want to achieve.

Well you can at least try depending on how big that bucket list is.

Some of you may want to challenge your mind through academic studies, or nurture your body by physical activity or you may want to explore your creativity through the arts and crafts.

Whatever it is that keeps you getting out of bed each day is something worth pursuing.

And if you want to gain further experience or knowledge in your endeavours then you may like to consider what U3A in Ipswich has to offer.

U3A Ipswich & West Moreton is a self-funded community organisation providing free classes and activities to over 300 members.

The emphasis is on the social side of learning - no stress, no exams.

Tutors give their time and expertise free and offer a wide variety of classes and activities all year around. Members benefit from both mental and physical stimulation with a group of likeminded people.

Next Tuesday, January 24, U3A is holding an "Open Day" in their new premises at Shop 226, Ipswich City Mall which is to be opened by Mayor of Ipswich Councilor Paul Pisasale at 10.15 am.

So if you want to challenge your mind through academic studies, nurture your body with physical activities or explore your creativity through the arts and craft then go along and check out the 2017 program of courses on offer by U3A Ipswich.

For further information, contact Anna Bradbury, U3A Communication Coordinator on 0404 758 405

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