Are you one of 29 million who can't connect to Centrelink?

OVER the past year nearly 29 million Australians have had their calls rejected by Centrelink, receiving a busy signal after trying to call, Senate estimates heard last week.

Seven million Australians that did get through eventually gave up, hanging up the phone after putting up with all the classical music and pre-recorded messages they could handle.

Nobody likes being on hold, but some people's experiences are worse than others, as we found out from Northern Star readers.

Jadeala Amber Blacky said she was "strung along then rejected".

"Was on the phone to Centrelink on hold for three hours, then in the end they bloody hung up on me after 3 hours of being on hold!!! UNBELIEVABLE!" Ms Blacky said.

Walter R Von Sturler said he got the cold shoulder

"I sent them an email three years ago. Never received a response. Online is the only way to go, and the only way they want you to go!" Mr Von Sturler said.

Kiah Fuller said she was cut off then cut off again.

"Yes I was on hold for two hours only for them to hang up on me... very frustrating and then they cut you off your payments for not getting in contact with them!" Ms Fuller said.

Ally Rice-Finlayson has had mixed experiences.

"There are some shining stars in there who help you with a smile and do everything they can with limited resources to help you, then there are those who have either lost their enthusiasm for their role or have not received adequate training," she said.

"I feel that the staff need to be trained me across the different services. They seem to be only trained in one area, so when you have a question that crosses over into an area they aren't trained in, they end up just saying they don't know, or they give you a telephone number."

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