Celebrating Mother’s Day with her nine kids

BRIGHT AND HAPPY: Samantha Johnson with Charlott (4), Abbie (1), Indi (3) and Cade (3).
BRIGHT AND HAPPY: Samantha Johnson with Charlott (4), Abbie (1), Indi (3) and Cade (3). Scott Powick

SAMANTHA Johnson prepared for Mother's Day by making glittery crafts with her nine children.

Ms Johnson is no ordinary mum though, she's actually the "second mum" in charge of the little darlings, aged nine months to four years, at her Family Day Care service at Murwillumbah.

The mother-of-two with a Diploma in Early Childhood Services opened her home-based daycare service five years ago to keep working while having her children at home.

"The longer I do it, the more I love it," Ms Johnson said.

With Family Day Care Week celebrated this week, no family appreciates the hard work of carers like Ms Johnson more than Rebecca Eggins of Murwillumbah.

She has two children in Ms Johnson's care while she works full-time as a cook at Cabarita.

"I just like the fact that when they go to family day care it's always going to be the same person and the same surroundings and less children, so it's not as daunting," Mrs Eggins said.

"My kids look to her like a second mum, and to be honest, if I didn't have her I wouldn't send my children anywhere."

Mrs Eggins said she was so pleased with the service she'd planned on repeat business with Ms Johnson.

"We've got another one coming and we've already organised it with Samantha," she laughed.

Ms Johnson charges $68 per child per day, which when subsidised at the full Child Care Benefit and Rebate drops to as a little as $10 per day for some families.

Her centre is part of a steady number at Tweed, Murwillumbah and Terranora, with more than 300 Family Day Care providers across the state.

The ratio at Family Day Care is one educator to four children under school age, and caters for children aged from six weeks up to 12 years.

Ms Johnson is a member of the NSW Family Day Care Association, which is the peak body for Family Day Care in NSW.

NSW Family Day Care Association delivers the government's Nanny Pilot Programme in NSW through NSW Nanny Services.

It allows flexible care options for families experiencing difficulty in obtaining care due to non-standard hours, living in remote or rural areas as well as other access needs.

National Family Day Care Week recognises the important role family day care plays in the care of children.

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