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Paid Post offers a new way of bringing people's stories together in one place so they can be properly documented and celebrated along the way. offers a new way of bringing people's stories together in one place so they can be properly documented and celebrated along the way.

Celebrate your unique story with 'My Life My Journey'

IMAGINE if you could bring your photo albums, stories, and life's highlights together in one place and easily share them with only the friends and family you want to see them.

The creators of the website had that dream and have used the best of the current technologies available to turn it into a reality.

The result is a free service that creates a safe and secure online location where people can build out their own life stories, record their thoughts, ideas, milestones and collect their photos and videos, and then access them from anywhere in the world, at any time.

My Life My Journey's Lesley McGrath said the site presents a great opportunity for people of any age to create a biography from their own perspective.

"Well, it started with a need to give people a way of documenting their life, and allowing people to celebrate their life and record it," Lesley said. "And there's no better person to record it than the person who has actually lived that life."

"So, I think My Life My Journey developed into an individual's living memory and it's a document that celebrates your life and you can add to it, all the way, along the way with stories, videos, photos - everything related to your life and permanently store it, and very importantly, in a very safe and accessible place," she said.

Asked how this differs for the range of existing social media sites in the market Lesley explained: "This is not out to the general public. The site is safe and secure with a strong technical platform to protect users. You have complete control and you chose when, and if, you allow friends and family to contribute to or access your journey. It's all under your control. It's not out there in the public domain."

The site itself offers an easy to use platform with 10 key areas of a life's journey ready to be populated as a way of outlining each person's personal story. The headline areas are My Achievements, My Bucket List, My Loves, My Farewell, My Family and Friends, My School Years, My Legacy, My Career, My Beginnings and My Milestones.

User numbers are starting to grow, with a key driver being the interest people have in tracing their own ancestry and wishing they knew more about their own parents, grandparents or ancestors.

"So many people are interested in researching specific information about their families, past and present, and this is an ideal way to engage all of the family in that process. A legacy to leave for future generations," Lesley said.

She said it was also a chance to bring generations together.

"I think it's a good way to engage the younger generation - the grandchildren. To say, 'why don't you go and interview grandma and talk to her about her life? Not only will that open up enormous connection and communication, but it also records something that is special."

"I think I look back on my life and my grandma died when I was 17 and she was 97. She'd seen the first motor car, two World Wars, seven children born in the bush and man on the moon. I mean, I'd love to have talked to her."

In an age where every family is likely to have 1000s of digital photos stored on cameras, computers, mobile phones and other devices, and a few boxes of old printed photos and photo albums stored randomly at family homes, offers a new way of bringing people's stories together in one place so they can be properly documented and celebrated along the way.

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