WELL GROOMED Debbie Le Strange and her Norwegian Forest cat, Mickey J, who has now retired from public life.
WELL GROOMED Debbie Le Strange and her Norwegian Forest cat, Mickey J, who has now retired from public life.

Cats have been preened to Ekka-cellent purr-fection

AMONG the 207 cats and more than 50 cat breeds judged and on display at this year's Ekka will be Debbie Le'Strange's Norwegian Forest cat Guysndolls Adrielle.

No stranger to the Ekka, Debbie has been competing with her cats for over 10 years.

Nine-month-old Adrielle has just graduated from the kitten class to try her luck in the big cat class.

She takes the place of Debbie's former star performer, Micky J, who has retired from public life.

Debbie said it took two hours to prepare Adrielle for a competition with a makeover that would make many women jealous.

"Adrielle has her nails clipped, then a bath and blow-dry,” she said.

Every hair, from head to toe, must be dry, which is why it takes so long.

"We head off to the show the next day,” Debbie said.

"My cats love going to the show.

"Adrielle struts her stuff and stands up with her tail in the air.

"They love the attention.”

While the cat competition is a popular Ekka destination, the chance to see rare breed cats also attracts continuous crowds.

"People say they have read about Norwegian Forest Cats but never seen one as it is quite a rare breed in Australia,” Debbie said.

Debbie said these natural breed cats that came from the forests of Norway were very lively and social animals that loved to play.

It's a large breed, with male cats reaching up to 10kg in weight.

Longhair, shorthair and kittens will be on display and judged at the championship cat competition by judges from Germany and New Zealand for this popular competition.

Highlights include the Supreme All Breeds Cat of Show announcement on August 17 and the Kitten Feature Show on August 18.

The Cat Breed Showcase, on August 9, 14, 15 and 16, also is popular with the public.

Although many will be rare and pure breed cats, regular moggies with a loving nature can be entered in the Companion of Show section.

There's also a chance to see everything from border collies and chow chows to french bulldogs and poodles in the Ekka Canine Competition, with more than 2706 entries and 200 breeds on show.

This year the canine competition has a new home in Alexandria Park.

Must-see sessions include the toe-tapping Dances with Dogs and the super cute Best Puppy In Group.

Queensland's aquarium enthusiasts also put on an excellent display for the Royal Queensland Show's Pisciculture Competition.

A wide variety of breeds are judged including common goldfish, fighting fish, exotic tropical and freshwater fish as well as crustaceans, amphibians and even aquatic plants.

This year's Ekka runs from August 9-18 at the Brisbane Showgrounds in Bowen Hills.

For the full animal competition program details, visit the website ekka.com.au.

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