Capturing inspiring stories of local women

WOMEN'S VOICES: Josanne Falla
WOMEN'S VOICES: Josanne Falla Tracey Johnstone

CONVERSATIONS with the women of Noosa has opened up Josanne Falla's Noosa's FM radio program to the community discovering women of excellence in their endeavours.

The program of interviews, Window to a Woman's Soul, introduced the stories of 24 fascinating women who are stand-out members of the community.

"I have everyone from Dahlas Rogers who is a 21-year-old sportswomen to Meg Lawrence, who wouldn't give her age but she is in her 90s," Josanne said.

"They are wonderful conversations about why and how these women have done what they have.

"For example, Meg Lawrence who bought culture to Noosa. She decided she wanted some ballet, so they bought it here. Where do we put it? They made somewhere. She was the founder of Noosa Federation of the Arts. They needed something, so she did it."

Seniors News's editor Gail Forrer is another among the group along with domestic violence worker Karen Clarke and musician Rachel Clancy.

"They are all people who have had something that has caused a fall, but have come out bigger and stronger," Josanne said. "For the most part they are unsung heroes; no one has given them a pat on the back."

Josanne has been a volunteer radio announcer for the community station Noosa FM for just over two years. The enthusiastic 61-year-old came to the role after seeking out public speaking training.

The businesswomen, who has three thriving businesses to run during the week, went through a six-week training program before the station management gave her a weekly slot every Monday afternoon for her show. She started nervously, but soon built up a well-recognised women's program.

"I have been interviewing women on the radio now for the last two and a half years," Josanne said. "The show is called Celebrating Women, so I have met amazing women."

"I am going to keep going and continue to keep promoting women, collecting these conversations."

All the interviews can be heard on Josanne's Soundcloud page -

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