Driver's heart-warming farewell to 'favorite lil' passenger

"I OFTEN wonder if I'm doing this parenting thing right."

So began a Facebook post from Tracy Balistreri which detailed one of the year's most heart-warming stories - the wonderful friendship between her four-year-old daughter, Sebastiana, and their local bus driver John in the US.

"She is always super excited to see him, she always wishes him a good morning, and tells him the latest tidbit of news in her 4 year old life," Tracey wrote in her post.

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"She wrote him a Valentine, and he gave her one too. They are best buddies."

However, the trio's time together has been cut short with the bus company switching John to a different route.

But John wasn't about to leave without saying goodbye to his little friend.

The gift that John gave to four-year-old Sebastiana.
The gift that John gave to four-year-old Sebastiana. Facebook/Tracy Balistreri

In footage from the bus' security cameras, John can be seen with a big smile as he rolls into to pick up the mother and daughter.

As Sebastiana climbs on board, John hands over a present to say goodbye.

"I got you a card, I got you some coloring (sic) books and there's something else in there for you," John says as he hands over the gift.

"Thank you," she responds.

And inside the card was a message so special it sparked Tracy's original post.

"I can honestly say that over the past months you have been my favorite lil bus passenger," John wrote in the card.

"Your happy smile and warm Good Mornings have brightened my everyday. I want to thank you for being a GREAT EXAMPLE for others to follow."

Tracy, you are definitely doing "this parenting thing right"!

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