WEDDING BLISS: Peter and Evelyn Linney were married on December 23, 1956.
WEDDING BLISS: Peter and Evelyn Linney were married on December 23, 1956.

Bundy couple's love story like something from a movie

WHEN Peter and Evelyn Linney first laid eyes on each other, they knew they shared something special.

The Bundaberg couple are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on December 23 and said sparks flew from the moment they met in England.

"We were born before the war, when rock and roll wasn't even thought of. We were born in the big band era where ballroom dancing and jazz and swing was all the rage," Peter said.

"I was at a big band dance when my best friend saw Evelyn first. I waited for them to do a couple of circuits and then I intervened.

"The biggest coincidence in all of this was Evelyn already knew me. She had spotted me previously at my brother's wedding and thought I was an alright sort. It was a coincidence and so unreal that we happened to bump into each other again."


Once paths were crossed and their chemistry blossomed, Peter decided to bite the bullet and ask Evelyn out.

But what was supposed to be a happy courtship turned into love on borrowed time as Peter was enlisted into the British army.

"That was a dangerous area because it was two years away from somebody you love," he said.

"But she waited for me and I waited for her."


WEDDING BLISS: Peter and Evelyn Linney were married on December 23, 1956.
WEDDING BLISS: Peter and Evelyn Linney were married on December 23, 1956.



During this time, Peter was transferred overseas to the Parachute Regiment as a medic, which was what spurred the couple to get engaged.

"It was like, well I don't know when I am going to see you again so we should do this now," he said.

"Then I had to go back to camp to go overseas."

In 1956, Peter was tasked to Egypt to the Suez Canal after civil unrest in the region, but the journey was short-lived after American and French soldiers intervened.

"I was all ready to move from the embarkation unit but they cancelled it so I was stopped from going," he said.

"I wanted to go in one way but there were a few of our lads killed."

Two years later and after they were married, Peter and Evelyn welcomed their first child to the world and six years after that, they added a baby girl to their family.

The Linneys came to Australia in 1970 and settled in Adelaide after Peter ended his career in the British police force.

Since moving to Bundaberg, Peter has worked for Coral Coast Community Radio 94.7FM for 13 years.

The couple said they have had a happy life full of love and laughter.

"I always knew, from the very beginning, that he was the one," Evelyn said.

"I think we have been very loyal to each other. We have always got on well," Peter said.

"A big word in our upbringing is 'compromise' and to be able to say sorry.

"If we offend each other, just say 'look I am sorry' and give a little peck on the cheek. Saying sorry is most important."

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