DAY IN HISTORY: The end of the Falklands War

THE Falklands War came to an embarrassing end for Argentina after it took the British navy just six weeks to end the conflict on June 14, 1982.

The South Americans, under the dictatorship rule of Lieutenant General Leopoldo Galtieri, started the battle when Argentine salvage workers occupied the South Georgia Island in March, 1982.

Galteiri, hoping to win back flagging support for his military junta, then order a full-scale invasion of the British colony in April.

The Argentines quickly overcame a small garrison of British marines on East Falkland before seizing territories of South Georgia and South Sandwich group.

In relation, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher unleashed 30 warships from England and Gibraltar to retake the island.

And despite the armada taking several weeks to reach their foes, the British quickly went about dealing out swift retribution.

South Georgia was retaken on April 25 and after several intense naval battles, British troops landed on East Falkand on May 21.

And after several weeks of fighting, the Argentine garrison at Stanley surrounded on June 14.

The British lost five ships and 256 lives, but the Argentines paid dearly, losing 750 lives in the conflict.

The result saw the overthrow of Galtieri and his military rule in 1983 while Ms Thatcher, who added to her nickname of the 'Iron Lady', saw her popularity soar and led her party to a landslide victory in the same year.

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