READY FOR ANYTHING: Iris Kent giving love advice at age 100.
READY FOR ANYTHING: Iris Kent giving love advice at age 100.

Brisbane taps into 100-year-old 'love guru'

IN NEED of some relationship advice? Who isn't?

However, when it comes from a 100 year old woman, everybody pays attention.

Iris Kent, a resident at Seasons Aged Care Waterford West, has been dubbed 'Brisbane's love guru' after offering relationship advice to the younger generation during B105's morning show with Stav, Abby and Matt, inviting listeners to "ask her anything."

Iris's granddaughter was talking to the radio show when she mentioned her grandmother's recent 100 year birthday, and her birthday present request: a stripper.

"I just fancied a nice, young man parading in front of me," Iris said.

A stripper? For a 100 year old? Well why not? That's what the crew at B105 thought and so put the microphone in front of Iris.

Her pearls of wisdom garnered over a century proved to be valuable, with listeners agreeing to implement her recommendations.

Jacintha called to ask how she could convince her partner to do more housework and Iris simply replied, "well, I don't think you can." She continued by saying, "If he loves you enough, he should realise you need help and he will help you... and if he doesn't, then you won't be very happy."

When asked by listener Nikki where she (Nikki) could find potential suitors, Iris admitted things had changed since she was young.

She went on to tell Nikki she had spent her youthful nights at dance halls where she had the opportunity to meet "nice, young men". She compared this with how young people today find love.

"I know that you can go on computers now, and find someone," Iris said. "I never had to do that"

Iris then gave listeners some insight into what it was like growing up during the war and how it affected her love life.

"When there is a war on, anything can happen," she said. "You don't know if you're going to be here the next day so you have to take any opportunity."

Still dolling out the advice on the radio, Iris spoke to another listener Ellie, struggling with an age-old dilemma: is it appropriate to contact a man she hadn't heard from for a few days?

Not holding back on the truth Iris told Ellie it didn't sound promising, but then advised her to call and make some judgement from there.

Irish was thrilled to share her years of love and life experience with callers from across Brisbane, and beyond and has been invited to join the B105 morning crew on-air for a regular weekly segment.

"I'm ready for anything," a feisty Iris said.

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