Blatant money grab: Fuel prices could hit three-year high

Fill up now says the RACQ, to avoid escalating prices. Picture: Brendan Radke
Fill up now says the RACQ, to avoid escalating prices. Picture: Brendan Radke

FILL up now. Fuel prices in South East Queensland could hit a three year high in the coming days if profiteering petrol stations continue the way they are going.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said they were shocked by the blatant money grab by "a handful" of petrol stations.

"We're seeing some service stations hiking their prices to $1.549 and a handful at a $1.569," she said.

"We are angry at this, we wouldn't have expected these petrol stations to go this high and now we are really worried the others are going to follow and if they do we will reach a record high.

"We haven't seen prices like this in three and a half years."

The good news is there is still plenty of cheap fuel to be had.

If you pay $1.360 or less you'll know you're not getting ripped off, Ms Smith said.

Responding to the news fuel prices in Brisbane could soon hit a three-year high LNP leader Deb Frecklington renewed calls for the State Government to introduce real-time fuel price monitoring in Queensland.

"Queensland drivers are being ripped off, but this Government is asleep at the wheel," she said.

"We'll give the government our support - they just have to act.

Mandatory real-time fuel price monitoring had boosted competition in New South Wales and cut prices by around $6 a tank, Ms Frecklington said.

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