Acting authors: Performance a living story of Brisbane

"WE love you Brisbane".

"Come on, sing along," Tim Mullooly calls out to an enthusiastic audience who are already humming along. It doesn't take much more encouragement from co-singer Therese Collie before a fulsome chorus of voices are actively expressing their warm feelings about this sub-tropical town.

At the completion of a joyous journey chronicling the story of Brisbane, presented by two fine local actors, it's on the cards that you will find it very easy to release your inner Brissie love.

But it's a love that will warm the hearts for a short while with the show to wrap up in April.

This production, presented at Brisbane's Powerhouse, perhaps better called a show, is a magic mixture of song, story and poetic presentations that will, no doubt, stay with you much longer than anything taught in a more formal setting.

Tim Mullooly and Therese Collie from 'The Story of Brisbane'.
Tim Mullooly and Therese Collie from 'The Story of Brisbane'. Brisbane Powerhouse

Professional actors, Collie and Mullooly of Playabout Productions have created this ingenious show - 'The Story of Brisbane' - by carefully weaving together a variety of creative narratives to carve an historical pathway that meanders through, runs around, up and down through the cavernous spaces of the Powerhouse, which at its peak in the post-war years, claimed fame as supplying electricity for the largest tram network in the southern hemisphere. 

But today, the two Brisbane born natives, are breathing life into the longer version of Brisbane history through a series of theatrical literary performances that begin with Oodgeroo Noonuccal's poetry to Steel Rudd and David Malouf and songs of the Go-Betweens.

Every Wednesday from 10am, an audience gathers under a shady tree at the Powerhouse, at New Farm beside the river to begin their entertaining hour-long journey.  Tim and Therese are witty and offbeat with a distinct disdain for politics and an extensive collection of cultural knowledge that includes indigenous names of local areas and quirky historical anecdotes. Their only prop is a laundry basket on wheels, which acts as a container for their costume changes - a simple array of hats and musical instruments.

Beware, this joyous journey will lead you astray and before you know it you will be in the chorus.

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