'Tornado' leaves path of destruction on Fraser Coast

A TORNADO has caused significant damage to homes and property in River Heads as wild weather hit the region on Monday night.

One home was ripped open, with a wall torn away as the twister struck the neighbourhood.

Police and emergency crews were assessing damage at the scene, while homes were plunged into darkness when electricity went out across the suburb.

Fences, trees and roads were also damaged by the storm.

Thomas Hinterdorfer, an extreme weather chaser, shared a satellite image of the region to Facebook on Monday night, circling three couplets on the radar that he said exhibited characteristics of producing waterspouts or tornadoes.

He said one had made landfall over the northern beaches of Fraser Island, another was east of Poona and other was east of Fraser Island.

Mini tornado ripped through River Heads on October 2.
Mini tornado ripped through River Heads on October 2. Contributed

Mr Hinterdorfer said he had received countless reports of a waterspout or tornado destroying a house in River Heads.

Bowarrady Ct resident Clem Skerman said he saw the twister make its way along the waterline.

"I could hear something getting ripped up," he said.

He said the twister moved fast, estimating it was travelling about 80kmh when he saw it.

"I heard noises to the left, like trees breaking," he said.

"It had to have been pretty big."

Mr Skerman said there had also been plenty of lightning.

"It was a good show," he said.

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