TOP GRIPES: Drivers share the road rules they see broken the most often on Sunshine Coast roads.
TOP GRIPES: Drivers share the road rules they see broken the most often on Sunshine Coast roads.

Breaking road rules: What grinds Coast drivers' gears

AS THE Sunshine Coast's population increases the number of drivers on Coast roads is rising too.

Also boiling over is the frustration many drivers feel at the behaviour they see on the roads.

The Daily asked it's Facebook followers which road rule they most commonly saw broken, and it seemed the general trust level among drivers was fairly low.

"Everything 'cause a lot of people can't drive for s*** here!" Joanne Woolner posted, and 37 people 'liked' it.

But more specifically the most frequent breach, according to the Daily's readers, was drivers failing to keep left when not overtaking other vehicles.

Deb Jackson said it was her "pet hate".

"What gets me (is) when they sit on 80kmh in the 100kmh zone on Cooroy Noosa Rd, then speed up when they get to the 80kmh (zone) at Tinbeerwah," she commented.

"What the?"

In Queensland the law states drivers on multi-lane roads - where the speed limit is 90kmh or higher, or if there is a 'keep left unless overtaking sign' - must not driver in the right lanes unless overtaking, turning right, making a U-turn, avoiding an obstruction, driving in congested traffic or "using a special purpose lane that you are allowed to be in".

Drivers in Queensland are allowed to overtake on the left on all multi-lane roads.

Another top gripe on Sunshine Coast roads was the "dangerous" way some drivers negotiated roundabouts.

Beverley Asmus said she was new to the Coast and thought people needed to "slow down and chill out!".

"I'm puzzled by how many drivers don't know the correct way to indicate coming on to or exiting roundabouts," she said.

"It's downright dangerous the way some drivers do it opposite to the way they should."

In Queensland drivers are required to give way to any vehicles already on a roundabout, and use indicators to signal their intended direction of travel when using roundabouts.

Here's a break-down.

For more information about the correct way to navigate roundabouts visit the Queensland Government's Transport and motoring website.

One more commonly broken rule was a result of drivers being too courteous.

Kath Bateman said the move caused congestion at the Sunshine Mwy on ramp off the Bruce Hwy at Tanawha.

"Slowing down to let people across at the Mooloolaba exit when they are governed by a give way sign, thereby clogging up the highway to Aussie World and beyond," she said.

Donna Whyte said it was a dangerous situation.

"I cop this nearly every afternoon," she said.

"I don't understand why people think being courteous trumps safety?"

Laurie Hamilton said it was the most dangerous intersection anywhere in Australia.

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