Rescue crews are on their way to someone trapped in floodwaters.
Rescue crews are on their way to someone trapped in floodwaters. QFES

UPDATE: Three people, dog rescued from roof of car

UPDATE: AT least three people and a dog have been rescued from the roof of a car trapped in flood waters.

It is believed the family were driving from the Gold Coast to Cairns and were lost, when they attempted to cross Sandy Creek on the Marian-Eton Road and the car was inundated with water

They are then believed to have escaped out the windows and waited for about an hour on the roof before emergency crews arrived to rescue them.

The car remains in the water overnight.


Jane Beezley As soon as they get the person out they should fine them. What part of road closed due to water over the road do they not understand. Putting their rescuers in danger is unforgivable.

Toni Gascoyne All the keyboard warriors, every wet season... Ever think they're not from around here? At night, likely wouldn't have seen the water until too late, Southerners are always getting stuck because they aren't used to the flooding areas and the amount of rain we get. But hey, everyone called them a name without knowing the story.

Terri Smith Willets Rd is closed, boom gates down & I saw someone driving around the gates at about 5.20pm yesterday (Wed) as I drove past on Sams Rd. That water would have been over a metre at the deepest point. Don't know if they tried to get across, but you simply cannot fix stupid. A fine won't deter idiots, maybe they should have their licence revoked for a few months, as well.

Joyce Thompson Typical put others lives at risk because you wanna be a hero.



Jay McVeigh With all the warnings that has been given over fb and the news and I'm sure there is also signage, why do people have to try and get through?? All they are doing is being selfish and how they have to get through to go wherever but then they put people's lives at risk. Please just be careful while driving in this weather and take notice of the road conditions because I'm sure the rescue crews family would much rather have them at home then worrying if they are ever going to come home. 

Lauren Jolly Is this that creek that always floods between Eton and north Eton that literally has a bypass to go around that takes about 3 minutes? What an absolute flog.

BREAKING: Rescue crews are enroute to rescue a person believed to be sitting on the roof of their car bonnet in fast-flowing water.

Emergency crews are on their way to the Sandy Creek crossing along the Marian-Eton Rd after reports of a person trapped in floodwaters.

Earlier today the Department of Transport and Main Roads had listed the Marian-Eton Road closed and marked "hazardous" as they had flagged water over the road at Sandy Creek crossing.

A number of other roads in the region were also closed.

More to come.

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