Sean Brock has been nominated for a bravery award

'I didn't realise I had been stabbed': Brave act saves girl

IT TOOK a few moments for Sean Brock to realise he had been stabbed in the lung.

A flick knife pierced through his abdomen, cutting into his organs as he wrestled a man off a teenage girl in the bushes at a Rosewood Skate Park in 2013.

He was 16 at the time and he and a friend were using the skate park on an evening in the school holidays when they heard the young woman's screams for help.

The pair found the victim and wrestled with the man - one hitting him over the back of the head with a skate board, before he ran off.

His mum, Yasmin McLucas, can still remember holding her son's head in her lap as they waited for the ambulance.

As he was wheeled into emergency surgery he told her, "I couldn't let a man do that to a woman".

After weeks in intensive care and four years of recovery, Mr Brock has been recognised at the Australian Bravery Awards for his courage. The apprentice mechanic, now 20, said adrenaline took over as he fought the man off the girl.

"A mate and I were down at the skate park and we heard a lady yelling and screaming from the bushes and we went there and saw a guy attacking a girl," he said.

"I just kind of jumped in and tried to help.

"The guy was on top of the girl and I ran up and footy tackled him, spear tackled him to get him off the girl."

"All that was going through my mind was to help her, to do whatever I could to help her."

He said he didn't realise he had been stabbed.

"When I got up I felt a strange sensation and a couple of seconds later I realise I was stabbed," he said. "There was a lot of adrenaline, the adrenaline helped me through a lot of the pain as well."

Mr Brock said he didn't think his efforts deserved a bravery award.

"Anyone would have done it if they were in the same position as me, that's why I think I don't deserve it," he said. "Always help out when someone needs it because you might save a life."

Ms McLucas said she could remember the moment his friends knocked on the door and told her what happened.

"I ran over and I remember seeing him lying there and I think you go into some unknown universe, just the fear to see him lying there and I couldn't help him," she said.

"He was laying on the driveway and I had his head in my lap and they were telling me what happened and I was thinking 'this couldn't be happening to us, not here, not to my son'.

"I'm so proud he has been nominated, he still feels like he doesn't deserve it but I feel he did a tremendous thing that night."

Australian Bravery Awards

  • Sean Dillon is among 26 Australians to receive a bravery medal, drawing national attention to the personal efforts of individuals.
  • Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove said they joined 50,000 recipients of the Australian honours.
  • The Australian Bravery Decorations date from the establishment of the Australian honours system, and recognise acts of bravery in other than warlike situations, by people who put themselves in jeopardy to protect the lives or property of others.

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