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Bid final farewell with My life My journey

Bid a final farewell with My life My journey

YOU know how it goes - the only things you can be sure of are death and taxes. In both cases, the only other thing you can be sure of is that good planning will make the process easier. That's about where the similarities end.

The annual event of taxes has a time and date, and its inevitable regularity offers an ongoing opportunity for yearly review. Ultimately, if your taxes are not up to scratch, you will likely be the only person to suffer.

However, there's a good chance your death and your final farewell could affect more than just yourself - it could affect the people you love most in life.

It's not easy to talk about final farewells, but the conversation could instil peace of mind at an emotional time, when people most crave to come to terms with your true wishes.

Like most things in life, there are plenty of choices in the planning of our final farewell. Perhaps you would give your blessing to a solemn ceremony, others may desire a warm and happy gathering of family and friends. Alternatively, there could be a special place where you would like your ashes to rest.

My Life, My Journey gives you the opportunity to record these wishes. It can be a gentle, straight forward means of personally sharing your plans and, indeed, offering assistance to support the accomplishment of these plans.

My Life My Journey is a service provided by The company was founded in 2001 as a service to people and families who wished to have a respectful way to remember their departed loved ones. Over the years, HeavenAddress has learned much about the value of sharing stories with family and friends and created My Life My Journey to provide a safe place to bring such sharing to life.

My Life My Journey is a secure and safe platform that is completely free. There are no fees for using, sharing or publish your stories.

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