Beware of malware scam on computers in Toowoomba

YOUR SAY: I am the victim of a malware scam. I was using a social media site the other day when all of a sudden my screen is taken over by a screen looking like Microsoft, blue and white.

An enormous alarm began sounding followed by a message flashing on the screen with an equally loud voice stating my computer had been infected, my bank account details were at that very moment being sent overseas, I had five minutes to phone the number on the screen or my computer would be permanently immobilised.

This message just didn't stop; it kept repeating over and over.

Yes, more fool me; I made that call to what looked like a NSW number, but was answered in California, US.

I was given the story that yes, my computer was infected, the "technician" logged on remotely, was able to prove the infection by producing some files and something from Microsoft saying my applications were terminated, and that he could fix all and give me some great malware with support for the next six months.

I was quoted the price of $US499 to fix. I protested. He brought the price down to $US299. After the payment was made, I was put through to two different "technicians" who deleted the infected files, installed Malwarebytes anti-malware and an Adblock Plus (which I might add are free to download from the internet).

They were quite proud of how they could offer me 12 months support and gave me contact numbers should I need them.

I was told someone else would ring me in a couple of days to do something with my firewall protection and would again need to use remote control and to not delete anything off my computer.

Needless to say after all this was over, I was able to rethink what I had just done. My family of course was horrified and urged me to report this to the authorities, change my bank details, get my computer checked, etc.

I have done all these things and have been left battered and bruised and initially scared to use social media for fear of another infection.

I am fighting back by warning everyone not to worry if your computer is suddenly taken over. Just turn it off, and then if necessary see one of our many local computer tech companies.

They won't charge anywhere near what the US company does, and you'll get genuine anti-malware if needed.

Myself - I won't be "liking" "sharing" or opening any sites other than family input from now on. Take care.


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