HEART OF THE COMMUNITY: Trish Bradford is over eighty years old but has no plans to slow down.
HEART OF THE COMMUNITY: Trish Bradford is over eighty years old but has no plans to slow down. Geoff Potter

Beautiful new book of drawings from Trish Bradford

WE don't know how Trish Bradford had the time to pen a book, a technical one at that, to assist artists, with more than 100 different drawings, but she has done it.

The Noosa senior and all-round ball of energy is involved in a large number of community projects and is a volunteer of numerous organisations and rarely has a day to spend to herself at home.

"Years ago I was a porcelain artists and they mainly paint flowers,” she said.

"I knew a lot about the formation and the style of painting flowers and people kept asking me 'how do you do this?, how do you do that?,' so I thought I'd write a book about it and I did.”

Trish makes it sound simple, but she sat up most nights producing three or four pen and ink drawings and diagrams to help fellow artists understand the structure of painting flowers, petals and blossoms.

"Many of the diagrams offer visual aids to simplify the approach to drawing a flower and many (give) clues and shortcuts for the more complicated clusters of blooms,” she said.

"Most subject include interesting facts and folklore or the many myths, legends and interesting trivia which often let us understand the stories of our beautiful flowers.

"In the beginning (of the book project) I knew a little bit about flowers, not a lot, but after all my research I now know a lot.”

A Sunshine Coast resident for almost 20 years, Trish has made herself a valuable member of the community.

She is Chairman of Noosa Open Studios, on the Wallace House committee, a member of the Noosa Regional Gallery and a volunteer for Red Cross and the Blood Bank.

In between all that, and writing her book, she volunteers at the hospital.

"I massage the feet of people having chemo or renal dialysis,” she said.

"They have to sit there doing nothing and we come along and cheer them up with a foot massage.”

Every day is full for Trish Bradford, who has no plans to slow down.

"I am over 80 now and still going strong. I consider myself a part of the community, a small cog in a very big wheel.”

Inquiries with Trish Bradford at email: trishincastaways@gmail.com

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