Barber Geoff Willett.
Barber Geoff Willett. Nicholas Steykenberg

Barber visits are a whole lot different these days

REMEMBER when the barbershop felt like a visit to the dentist? They were sterile in nature and the barbers themselves wore white waistcoats. The barber is now a trendy meeting place for men. Introducing the new barber experience, a place to get a fresh cut and have a cheeky beer with the boys.

Innovators of the modern barbershop is Jimmy Rodds. Woolloongabba Store Manager Geoff Willett talks about the latest hair trends for the mature man.

Geoff said most mature men go for the traditional hair styles.

"They prefer short haircuts, so the classic short back and sides is always going to be the case," he said.

How short should you go?

"If you have really fine hair you don't want to be doing a no.1 or no.2 because you'll look like you've been scalped, anything up to no.4 around the sides with a bit of length on top," Willett said.

With a plethora of products on the market there seems to be a perception men must wash their hair everyday, well according to the pros this is a major misconception. "At least shampoo and condition twice a week, depending on how oily your hair is, and also how dry your scalp is," he said.

To style your hair these days, there's many options available from wax, gells to pomades but there's a solution for an effortless hair style. "If you want a natural look, low maintenance, easy to wash out, a matte pomade, it gives the hair a natural look, it will hold the hair in place without making it making it to appear too greasy or oily," he said.

As men we all know shaving can be a hassle and sometimes you break out in an unfortunate rash! Geoff the barber says heat will solve all your shaving mishaps. "Heat, heat and more heat, if you can get your blade hot, your skin hot it softens the skin and you're less likely to rash up - and as hot as you can handle," he said.

Using an after balm or aftershave is a necessity for the perfect shave. With innovations in the market you can now get non-alcohol based balms that work like a charm.

"Back in the olden days with aftershaves they were mainly alcohol based so that's the old fashioned ones that sting, now a lot of guys use an aftershave balm instead of an aftershave that is alcohol based, its alot kinder on the skin. You can get like menthol bases and that sort of thing. It just helps to close the pores up without getting that sort of rash," he said.

In the last few years we've seen women with Nike ticks to groomed caterpillars for brows but what about men, should we be grooming them too? "Definitely, the older guys tend to trim, so there's always a stray antenna to get waxed or plucked, stick to what shape you've got, just tidy up," he said.

As we age things things start to look a bitgrey, with the likes of George Clooney sporting the look don't be afraid to embrace the silver fox!

"A grey horse is as good as a black one, back in the day you kind of think grey hair makes you look old, now it's kind of meant to be distinguished, majority of guys tend to run with their greys," he said.

Any last words? "Keep it clean, don't let too much product build up in your hair, shampoo it twice a week, style your hair with water based products and go in to the barber with a photo of what you want," he said.

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