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Senior couple riding motor scooter having fun. Steve Cole - christie & cole stu

Baby Boomers getting happier with age

BABY Boomers believe they are far happier and healthier than millennials.

That is the finding of one of Australia's largest online wellness surveys, which found that those aged 55 and over believe they are happier, healthier and more optimistic than their younger counterparts.

According to the Nestlé Choose Wellness Quiz, Baby Boomers believe they get better with age, with 27% scoring a happiness score of more than 80 out of 100, compared with just 18% of those aged 18 to 24 year olds.

The quiz found that in the past week 69% of millennial respondents found themselves worrying, compared to 47% of Baby Boomers. Meanwhile, 55% of millennial felt alone and lonely in the past week, compared to just 17% of baby boomers.

A further 41% of millennial felt downhearted and sad, while only 25% of Baby Boomers reported the same feelings.

Even when it came to exercise, younger millenials were not that far out of sight of their older, more experienced counterparts.

Overall, 58% of millennial reported exercising four or more time per week, versus 55% of baby boomers.

The figures were similarly comparable for sleep, with 62% of millennial getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night, compared to 54% of Baby Boomers, while 80% of millennial felt there was joy in their life, compared to 77% of baby boomers.

Katrina Koutoulas, head of market wellness for Nestlé Oceania, said: "From our results, we can see what while Baby Boomers appear to have the edge on millennials, there is room for improvement for all.

"By making small changes every day to consciously improve their wellbeing, all Australians can have a life-long positive impact on their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing."

The Choose Wellness Quiz has received more than 70,000 submissions over the last two years, and aims to provide a snapshot of respondent's attitudes and habits towards their happiness and wellbeing.

Ms Koutoulas said: "Our quiz was developed by motivational psychologists, dietitians and consumer insight analysts. It only takes 10 minutes to complete and offers participants a great way to measure how they're tracking in a quest to live a happier and healthier life."

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