TIMELY: Fleur Lind with her new novel Local Time.
TIMELY: Fleur Lind with her new novel Local Time. SHANELLE THOMPSON

'Pure gold': Author reveals lighter side of ageing

AGEING outrageously and disgracefully sounds like fun to many of us, and sets the scene for Fleur Lind's new book Local Time.

A Kiwi, Fleur moved to Warwick with her Aussie-born husband three years ago - about the same time it has taken to make her novel a reality, from first chapter to release.

Local Time is a standalone, although it can also be read as part of a trilogy, the first two parts of which Fleur wrote with her older brother, Lloyd Hopkins.

"I know I wrote it, but it seems like it has its own heart," Fleur said.

Approaching 60, and with a background in aged and community care, Fleur said Seniors were the heroes of what she described as "a quirky story" across three generations, set in an exclusive rest home on the South Island of New Zealand where residents have stumbled across a way to time-travel.

And while we might not want to relive our school or any other years for that matter, Fleur said there are special moments in all our lives that it would be nice to revisit if there were no side effects or complications ... which of course there are, including stumbling across a crime scene.

"It's a huge amount of fun, and 'tripping' (as the residents call travelling back in time) gives them a lot of vim and vigour ...." Fleur said.

"There's chaos and confusion and a lot of laughs, but it's also about relationships and romance, and I think people will really identify with the characters."

While she has always loved writing, whether to pen pals, in diaries or detailed holiday journals, Fleur said she had never thought of writing a book until her children were adults and urged her to do so five years ago.

She admits it was a steep learning curve through the first co-authored books - A Timely Dream (of which she contributed less than half) and No Time for Rules (70%) - and said she has developed her craft further as a member of the Rose City Writers Group.

Having found it too difficult as an unknown to break into the traditional publishing world, Fleur chose to "hybrid" publish through London's Austin Macauley, investing some of her own money to back Local Time.

While she was understandably excited to get her hands on the finished product, she was away when the first books were delivered and had to wait a full week before literally popping the champagne.

"It was very exciting ... I can't put it into words just how I felt," she said.

She is proud that Local Time is on sale in Warwick at Hynes Newsagency, Palmerin St, as well as through Amazon (relinks.me/B07FMB1WW8), and is currently working to get it into local libraries.

"I'm not looking to make a lot of money; my wish is just that people read and enjoy it," she said.

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