Australian Survivor contestant Peter Fiegehen.
Australian Survivor contestant Peter Fiegehen. Nigel Wright

Australian Survivor's Peter: I'm no quitter

THE eldest castaway on Australian Survivor has been forced to leave the show because of health issues.

Air traffic controller Peter Fiegehn evicted himself from the Channel 10 show tonight after struggling to get over a bout of gastroenteritis he suffered in the days before cameras started rolling.

"I had gastro from chicken (I ate) in a hotel," Mr Fiegehn told APN.

"I was still feeling pretty bad when we jumped off the trucks in episode one.

"We were all suffering from the workload and challenges of the show, but  layered on top of that I had this gastrointestinal problem. The effect of that was that I stopped eating. There were some days I would not eat a thing."

The 62-year-old father of six hopes viewers don't see him as a quitter.

"I got something I couldn't control and it didn't get fixed, so I had to intervene and look after myself," he said.

"I have grown to hate this word, quitter. I object as strongly as you can imagine to that word.

"I had to be assertive. I saw there was no option for anything to change with this (my health). I was a survivor on an island without a GP to go to."

Despite his ill health, which resulted in him losing eight kilograms in seven days, Mr Fiegehn's tribe mates were reluctant to vote him off the island.

"It made me feel great but really angry," he said.

"I thought 'wow they think that much of me'. Maybe they thought I'd get better.

"My argument to them was if you've got seven people and you're 80% efficient or six people and you're 90% efficient, then the latter's got to be better. I argued their probability to succeed was greater without me. I had to vote myself out."

Since returning to Australia Mr Fiegehn has fully recovered and is looking forward to watching the series unfold from home.

"My health is good. I bounced back after a few weeks," he said.

"But you eat far too much when you come home (from Survivor). You put on more weight than what you arrived with, but other than that I'm fine."

Australian Survivor continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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