YOU'VE got to give credit to this year's Ninja Warrior competitors who all passed an intense physical test to land a spot on the show.

The details of the fitness testing have been revealed and it's fair to say most mere mortals wouldn't stand a chance of passing it.

More than 7500 Aussies applied to be on the show but many didn't make it through the gruelling 20-minute test which consisted of:

• A three-minute standard plank immediately followed by a two-minute plank during which the contestant was encouraged to "freestyle" and show off their personality

• Three minutes of burpee pull-ups immediately followed by another two minutes of burpees during which the contestant could "freestyle"

• A three-minute dead hang immediately followed by two minutes of dead hanging where the contestant could freestyle and flaunt their signature moves

• A five-minute agility test that included circle hops, ladder shuffles and sprints.

A total of 300 Ninjas will compete on the second season of the Channel 9 show which kicks off on Sunday night, with 28 per cent of those female.

Roughly a third of the contestants are Ninjas who competed on the show in season one and are back for another attempt at glory. They include the "Deadly Ninja" Jack Wilson, parkour twins Brodie and Dylan Pawson and the red-headed Olivia Vivian who is now dating Ben Polson.


Olivia Vivian is back for season 2.
Olivia Vivian is back for season 2.


Ben Polson is dating Olivia Vivian.
Ben Polson is dating Olivia Vivian.


This season there's also a mother and son, a father and son and a 64-year-old known as Pa Rambo.

And of course there are some celebrity contestants including The Bachelor's Tim Robards, NRL legend Paul Gallen, Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny's son Jett and infamous party boy, Corey Worthington.

They'll attempt to conquer the intimidating course which is 25 per cent bigger than it was in season one.

Because no one completed the grand final course in season one, the prize money has doubled to $200,000 this year - which will be awarded to whoever can make it to the top of Mt Midoriyama.

For those who aren't aware, Mt Midoriyama is a 22m tower with a rope hanging down the centre that the contestants must pull themselves up within 30 seconds.

It's worth noting that it took seven seasons of American Ninja Warrior before a contestant defeated the course, so it's unlikely that we'll have a winner in season two.


Hosts of Australian Ninja Warrior: Andrew Flintoff, Rebecca Maddern and Ben Fordham. Picture: Channel 9
Hosts of Australian Ninja Warrior: Andrew Flintoff, Rebecca Maddern and Ben Fordham. Picture: Channel 9


Below are Body+Soul's descriptions of how to do the exercises.


1) To start, squat down and place your hands on the ground in front of your feet. Step or jump your feet out backwards so that your body forms a strong prone position. Hold for a second and then jump your feet back close to your hands.

2) Stand up straight, perform a small jump and go straight back into your next rep.


1) To begin, lie flat on your stomach, then move into your usual push-up position, but rest on your elbows and forearms. Focus your gaze on a point just in front of your head.

2) Engage your core muscles by actively reducing the size of your waist, and by lengthening your spine.

3) Breathe normally throughout. The goal is simply a prone version of you standing with good posture. This means a soft curve in your lower back, known as a neutral spine.

4) When you can comfortably hold this position for over two minutes, your core is in great shape.


1) Grab an overheard bar or rings with both hands and simply hang for as long as possible with your feet off the floor.


Australian Ninja Warrior airs Sundays at 7pm and Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Nine.

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