What is tiny living and why are more Aussies making the move?

Andrew Winter hosts the TV series Tiny House Australia.
Andrew Winter hosts the TV series Tiny House Australia. Nick Wilson

SMALL but growing number of Aussies are ditching their mortgages for tiny living.

The tiny house movement, which is a growing trend in the US, is the subject of a new house-hunting show hosted by Selling Houses Australia's Andrew Winter.

Tiny House Australia follows couples and families as they trade space for simplicity.

"I was a real estate agent in London for years and trust me, tiny houses in places like London are nothing new," Winter told APN.

"It is relatively new in a country (like Australia) where for many decades its housing abundance has been a quarter-acre block, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom freestanding house; the garden was big and there was plenty of space for a shed.

"Then as we headed towards the 80s and 90s we got bigger and bigger. Alternative housing options in the days of our McMansions is a subject I'm really interested in."

This extreme version of downsizing is not for everyone. Going from the average home of 243 square metres to a house as small as 10 square metres requires discipline and clever storage.

This former chapel in Kin Kin, Queensland is one of the tiny houses featured in the first episode of Tiny House Australia.
This former chapel in Kin Kin, Queensland is one of the tiny houses featured in the first episode of Tiny House Australia. Contributed

"It's brave and it's no good for hoarders," Winter laughed.

"I wouldn't say tiny living is suitable for the whole of your life. It might be, but if you take most of the people in the show it's for a particular stage in their lives.

"It may have no relevance to you right now but, you know, things like divorce, downsizing, jobs, finance, and death even, mean it could be a sensible option."

The eight-part series features a variety of tiny house options - from homes to a converted chapel, a bus and even a tent - from across the country.

The common theme running through the show is the compromises the couples and families must make to truly go tiny.

The benefits, though, range from a simpler lifestyle to financial freedom and a smaller environmental footprint.

"I think a lot of young people, not just the older downsizing crowd, are going 'do I really need all this space?'" Winter said.

"I think it's an evolving industry and we are without a shadow of a doubt going to see more of it."

Tiny House Australia premieres on Foxtel's LifeStyle HOME channel on Monday at 8.30pm Qld, 9.30pm NSW.

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