Aussie telco offers insanely cheap phone data plan

AN Australian telco is attempting to break into the lucrative mobile phone service market by offering cut price call and data plans at less than half the cost of the major providers.

Vaya offers consumers four key phone plans - each at a far better rate than anything else on the market. 

The first plan is aimed at those who are trying to keep the cost of having a mobile down, way down. 

Vaya offers unlimited calls and texts and one GB of data for $16 a month. 

By comparison Optus charges $40 a month for the same package - meaning Vaya is less than half the cost. 

However plausibly in a move aimed at holding on to its large customer base Telstra is offering great deals for those who already own their own phones and is more competitive than Optus in terms of dollars for data. 

While Telstra's basic package - $55 a month for one GB of data and $550 worth of phone calls is blown out the water by Vaya's $16 offer, those who use more data can still find value. 

Telstra is presently offering 10GB of data with unlimited calls and texts for $95 a month, or 20GB of data for $135. 

That said on when it comes to price Vaya is still cheaper - offering potential customers can buy 8GB a month for $36.

Meanwhile Vodafone continues to compete on price offering 1.5GB of data for $30 and nine GB for $40. 

All four offer the same $10 a GB fee for customers who go over their planned limit. 

Of course going to a smaller provider always comes with risks.

Data from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman shows the authority received 1,551 complaints about Vaya's mobile service in 2014-15. 

This compares to 20,685 for Telstra and 10,789 for Optus. 

Vodafone copped 17,603. 

Obviously the number of complaints made about a company is likely to influenced by market share. 

Vaya's data for the 2015-16 financial is not presently posted on the TIO's website. 

However a spokeswoman forwarded through a statement purporting to show that the number of complaints made about Vaya plummeted in 2015-16. 

"When compared against the big three Aussie mobile telcos, Vaya performs favourably with Telstra's 6.8, Optus's 7.7, and Vodafone's 3.8 in the April-June 2016 quarter," the statement read. 

Vaya's average number of complaints per 10,000 customers was 4.4. 

The spokeswoman also offered the following explanation as to why Vaya's improved results were not publicly available: "The telcos which are part of the complaints in context report are self-nominated. Vaya was not nominated at the time of acquisition which is why they're not included."

The statement compared the number of complaints made per 10,000 customers. 

Vaya uses the Optus network. 

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