Grafton Regional Gallery artist in residence Gosia Wlodarczak draws one of her \
Grafton Regional Gallery artist in residence Gosia Wlodarczak draws one of her \"frost drawings\" on the windows of Mylife in the Grafton Shoppingworld Link. Adam Hourigan

Artwork looking through the glass

TAKE a closer look at the patterns on the window of Mylife in the Shoppingworld Link as you walk past. You may even see yourself.

The drawing is the creation of current Grafton Regional Gallery artist in residence Gosia Wlodarczak whose "frost drawing" is a representation of what she sees from the other side of the glass.

"I document the present time and space," she said. "I look at the behaviour and the movement of bodies in a particular time and situation.

"I look and draw the first shape that I see, and it goes on from there, I gaze out and draw, gaze and draw, the shape. And because I move the shapes overlap so they form this net of images."

The artwork is one of three projects Gosia is working in her four weeks as the resident artist, and she said she developed this style of work as a new way of representing the reality in front of her.

"I started to do line drawing because with line it doesn't distinguish between the importance of what you draw, nothing is more important than the other thing," she said.

"When we don't apply the knowledge and categorisation that comes from our culture, all we have is shapes that all have the same importance - and this is how I represent reality - I strip it from the culture."

The artwork will take four days, concluding on Friday, and will connect with one of the other works in their base at the gallery's studio space.

"I'm going to create another frost drawing on the door of the gallery studio, so that when people come to gallery and see it they can connect it to this work," she said.

And as to the finished frost work, Gosia said she is always surprised at what comes from the drawing process.

"It is never planned, I don't predesign it, it evolves as it grows," she said.

"It is very important to me, because even the same objects we see more than once are different because we are different with every second of our life, and so they change too."

Another project that Gosia, and her husband Sarnecki Longin will undertake is a photographic catalogue of the Jacaranda trees in the South Grafton and Grafton area, with the views to creating a larger artwork.

"We've photographed around 500 of them so far, and there are many more to go," she said.

"I will use these photos to create a large scale digital collage print, creating a new large Jacaranda tree from all the smaller pictures of other Jacarandas.

"I think that it's important when doing these residencies to create something that has a real connection with the community."

Gosia will give an artists talk at the Grafton Regional Gallery on Friday November 18 at 11am.

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