Arthur writes new chapter with inspiring memoir

Arthur Rosbrook is an inspiration to everyone, young and old.
Arthur Rosbrook is an inspiration to everyone, young and old.

AT AGE 94, Arthur Rosbrook, a resident at Seasons' Aged Care Kallangur has written and published a memoir entitled Seasons of Our Lives.

Arthur is quite the scribe as you will see from an extract from the foreword and the finale in his memoir, but more importantly, Arthur is an inspiring example of how to adjust to a new way of living, even when you are in your 90s. He has lived in care for just 18 months and had to make the move at an age when most people would find it difficult.

So many seniors dread moving into aged care, for a variety of reasons, but as Arthur writes, it is the beginning of a new chapter in a long life, and there is a future, no matter your grand age.

Arthur is a keen piano player, and plays once a week for the residents. Additionally, Arthur volunteers his time each week to sit with and entertain the dementia group. He brings along his own props and toys to share with the dementia group and is joyous in helping others.

He regards the residents as his extended family.

My name is Arthur Rosbrook; I am 94 years of age, in good health and exceedingly happy as I live through the eventide of my life upon this earth. 

I am a resident of Seasons Aged Care at Kallangur, where I have been for the past year and five months. 

In the pages to follow I have attempted to share with you my feelings during that period when I, through circumstance, found it necessary to adjust to a new form of living. How well this has been achieved will become more apparent as you read on to my ultimate conclusion.

There are a number of things which motivate my life today; they are music, poetry, laughter, faith, love and appreciation of which I owe so much to so many.


I have been here now for a year and a half; from the beginning I was determined to live my life to the utmost and to the best of my ability share with my new family around me, who have become a great deal more than mere acquaintances. My love extends to them all. May their lives be blessed as God has blessed mine here in this, the "Seasons of Our Lives".

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