CURE ALL: Brian O'Toole believes a simple mix of pawpaw leaves and aloe vera is an 'elixir of life'.
CURE ALL: Brian O'Toole believes a simple mix of pawpaw leaves and aloe vera is an 'elixir of life'. Yvonne Gardiner

Arthritis sufferer swears by his 'elixir of life'

FOR 16 years, Bilambil Heights resident Brian O'Toole has been promoting what he calls his "elixir of life".

Brian's "potion", discovered in Fiji, is a simple mix of pawpaw leaves and aloe vera ingredients.

This drink enables him to feel much younger than his 80 years, he says.

"I have indeed discovered the elixir of life," he said.

"People in our region are taking my simple formula to beat cancer.

"It will empty a huge amount of beds - just take four million arthritis sufferers for a start."

Brian suffered from arthritis and an enlarged prostate when he first started taking the mixture.

"I was 60 then and it gave me a whole new start in life," he said.

"In four weeks, my arthritis was gone - so was my enlarged prostate.

"I've been a messenger for this ever since.

"I take it regularly for a top-up.

"I call this the elixir of life because it gives your whole system a boost.

"It's getting tremendous results all round.

"It does work. It can't do you any harm."

Natural therapists have long espoused the health-giving qualities of the pawpaw fruit.

"Most Australians enjoy pawpaw (papaya) simply because it is delicious but, increasingly, research is showing that the health benefits of pawpaw may be even greater than its delicious taste," says writer Rob Schneider.

"In fact, pawpaw and pawpaw-derived products are increasingly used for a variety of medicinal and therapeutic purposes both by natural health practitioners and in conventional medicine."

Brian has freely published the recipe for his "elixir" and does not profit from its production - in fact, he's happy to give it away.

His recipe: Chop up six pawpaw leaves and stalks, and boil for 35 minutes in three litres of good water, then strain, place in container and refrigerate.

Into half a glass of this liquid, scrape two inches of aloe vera, adding a spoonful of honey to make it more palatable.

He recommends drinking three half-glasses per day.

It should be noted that the mix is not a recognised medicine and hasn't been cleared by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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