Toowoomba couple are confronted with armed robbers who had broken into the home of their children.
Toowoomba couple are confronted with armed robbers who had broken into the home of their children. Bev Lacey

Armed robbers threaten kids, grandparents in ordeal

A SIX-year old boy has given an official statement to detectives after he, his siblings and his two grandparents interrupted a terrifying armed robbery of their Middle Ridge home on Saturday night.

He has had to recall the harrowing moment his grandfather confronted four robbers who had kicked their way into his Middle Ridge home, ransacking the place looking to steal firearms, cash and jewellery.

It was also the moment a gun was pointed at his family as the thieves made their getaway in a stolen car on Saturday night.

Police suspect the same man involved in the robbery, which saw a gun pointed at the family, is connected to a string of property crime across the city in recent weeks.

He was arrested in Newtown yesterday after a dramatic foot chase by the Toowoomba Dog squad investigating a stolen vehicle.

The Toowoomba couple were taking their five grandchildren to Christmas Carols on Saturday night when, noting the chill in the air, returned to the home for some warmer clothing.

Noting a car parked in the driveway, the man got out of the vehicle and confronted one of the four people robbing the home.


The thieves were spread around the property but quickly regrouped, with one telling the man to "get out of the f*****g way" before they tried to make a run for it.

Failing to get away at the rear of the property, the car turned around, the back window of which was wound down and a gun pointed at the car loaded with children.

"It never even cross my mind (they would be armed) or I never even would have gotten out of the car," the man said.

"I always thought people with guns were the bikies and people fighting their own wars."

It was just on 7pm but there was enough light for the kids to see the weapon and tremble in the back seat in fear.

"The moment we saw the gun, from then on all we saw was the gun," the woman said.

The couple said detectives believe the offenders were searching for firearms, cash and jewellery in particular, and no corner of the home was left untouched.

They said the robbers' movements appeared well practised and rehearsed, suggesting the offenders had committed similar offences before.

"They were very organised," the woman said.

Detectives are investigating whether a man arrested by the Toowoomba Dog Squad in Newtown yesterday morning is connected to the armed robbery.

Darling Downs Detective Inspector Dave Isherwood said the man is alleged to have stolen a car which was reported to police yesterday.

"Subsequently the car was located and police cordon established to try and locate this person because of the suspicion they had committed numerous offences over the weekend," he said.

Investigations are continuing and are expected to probe whether the man is connected to the Middle Ridge robbery.

Det. Insp. Isherwood said the man had done the right thing in not trying to detain a person who appeared armed, and reiterated the importance of home security.

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