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Are you proud to be one of these types of pet owners?

DURING the research for their #LoveMyRescue campaign, Medibank has identified four of the more quirky types of Aussie pet owner.

The #LoveMyRescue initiative looks to encourage Australians who are considering a pet to make it a rescue pet.

So are you ...

1. The Helicopter Parent (43%):

Clingy, sensitive and empathetic. Almost 5 million Aussies admit to being the overbearing 'Helicopter Parent' with their pets, with 43% saying they worry too much about their furry friend.

2. The Training Partner (27%):

A super-fit lifestyle demands an active dog, but who's more fit -- the pet or its owner? Making up one-quarter (27%) of Aussie pet owners, these two aren't couch potatoes -- up at dawn each morning for a lengthy jog, and an evening walk if time allows.

3. The Saviour (22%):

Making up 22% of Aussie owners, looks aren't everything to this one -- they adopt animals for the quality of their character, and wish they could take the whole shelter home with them. They'd never judge a book by it's cover -- all that matters is that their pet is happy and content.

4. The Stage Mum (7%):

Snap-happy and maybe even a little pushy, 7% of Aussie owners are this type. And interestingly, males are more likely to be 'stage mums' than  females. These guys are likely to pressure their pets into Insta-fame -- setting up social media profiles and photo shoots for their beloved companions.

Aussie pets

Three-in-five pet owners admit their pets sleep in bed with them and half refer to themselves as their pet's mother or father.

Almost a third of a million pet owners admit to having carried their pet around in a pram or purse, with men and women both equally likely to do it.

Surprisingly, 27 per cent of owners said they feed their pets better quality food than they feed themselves, with data showing Australians are spending 10.4 billion on their pets each year. 

Stopping pet-gifting

Despite three in four Aussies agreeing that pet gifting is wrong, one in five has given or know someone who has given a pet as a gift. Of those 22 per cent admit the gifted pet had to be given away.

Animal Welfare League NSW Senior Behaviourist Rosalie Horton said "Tens of thousands of cats and dogs are currently in rescue shelters and pounds across the country, waiting to be adopted. And due to such high numbers, sadly many of them struggle to find a loving home, even though they would make wonderful, loyal companions. That's why we're encouraging anyone who's thinking about getting a pet to save a life and make it a rescue,  instead of going down the traditional pet purchasing route."

Medibank offers free Pet Insurance for rescue animals

While the majority (86 per cent) of Aussies say they'd consider adopting a rescue pet, only 30 per cent actually have one. To make pet adoption that little bit easier and encourage Aussies considering a pet to make it a rescue, Medibank Pet Insurance has launched #LoveMyRescue - offering three months of free Pet Insurance to anyone adopting a cat or dog11. For more information, visit

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