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The Rembrandt van Rijn.
The Rembrandt van Rijn. Quest Tours/Ron Hunter

Final berths 'must be sold' on spectacular Arctic cruise

HAVE you booked your once-in-a-lifetime cruise aboard the Rembrandt van Rijn?

Then you better set sail and move fast with only four "must be sold" berths left on this exclusive voyage to the Arctic.

Berths in share female twin, or share male triple cabins are $8,300 - a saving of over $2,500.

And one complete cabin, twin-berth with porthole costs $8,900 per person with seafarers saving over $3,000.

Prices include a charter flight from Greenland to Iceland ($900 per person). Other airfares are not included.

The cruise is the best way to relive the glory days of exploration and discovery under sail aboard the classic gaff-rigged, three-masted, topsail schooner through Quest Tours.

In July, the magnificent 56m, 33-berth Rembrandt van Rijn sets sail from Svalbard en route to Greenland over 18 days, with plenty of time to absorb the splendour of the Arctic at the best time of year.

"Our voyage is timed to experience the best of the Arctic, polar bears on Svalbard, hopefully the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) plus the option to experience sled dog mushing on an Icelandic glacier," says tour leader and award-winning photographer, Ron Hunter of Quest Tours.

"The spectacular Arctic light show is on an 11-year cycle and we're about to close this cycle for another decade, so it could be the best chance for many of us to witness this incredible natural phenomenon."

Whilst wildlife sightings can never be guaranteed, it is expected to see Polar Bears as we sail around Spitsbergen, for here there are 3,000 Polar Bears, the biggest concentration in the world, in fact there are more bears than people here. We also expect to see walrus, icebergs, glaciers, seals, muskox, reindeer, orcas, belugas, birdlife and whales, as well experiencing Inuit culture.

Prior to the 18-day Arctic cruise, we visit Oslo, Flam, Bergen with fjord train and boat tours, then Longyearbyen, Ittoqqortoormiit and Constable Pynt.

The Rembrandt van Rijn cruise is just part of the 29-day Arctic itinerary that Quest Tours has put together. The tour departs Sydney on 21 July, 2018 flying to Oslo.

For more information, contact Quest Tours on (02) 6554 7478, or 0409 466 958, or visit, or email

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