WINTER BEAUTY: take the time to take care of your ageing body this winter.
WINTER BEAUTY: take the time to take care of your ageing body this winter. IR_Stone

ANTI-AGEING: Top tips to avoid winter skin blues

AS YOU age, your skin changes as well as your skin's moisturising needs.

Things that used to work on your skin might not do the trick any more.

Do you find your skin feeling dryer than normal? Are you flaky or uncomfortable in your own skin?

Here are a few simple and effective skin care tips to try this winter.

These tips are not only for women. Men, you definitely deserve to live without cracked knuckles and dry irritated skin.

  • 1. Drink plenty of water. If your skin is very extra-dry, increase your water intake!
  • 2. Avoid overly hot baths and showers; they can cause dryness and make your dryness worse.
  • 3. Don't forget sunblock and hat ; my biggest anti-ageing tip. Try finding a good quality anti-ageing moisturiser with SPF in it.
  • 4. Use a non-greasy hand cream to keep your hands, cuticles and knuckles in good condition. A another good tip is to keep your hand cream on your bedside table so at night it becomes part of your routine before you go to sleep!
  • 5. Moisturise. A good quality moisturiser is very important. Our skin has a big job to do - it protects us day and night from heat, cold, dryness and sunlight. Good moisturisers help protect our skin from the elements. Add moisture and help prevent the 10 signs of ageing!
  • 6. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Exfoliation can help combat the signs of aging and give you a more youthful look and smoother skin because the older the skin cells your getting rid of, tend to exaggerate the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This is one thing people don't do enough of, so my tip is to keep a good quality, gentle exfoliant in the shower and while you wait for your hair conditioner to work, give your skin a lovely treat by exfoliating.
  • 7. Use the right skin care for your skin type and concerns. What you used on your skin five years ago may not suit your skin now, so book in for a consult or facial with your local beauty therapist. Most salons offer a complementary skin consult to help you on your way.

Your beauty needs change as you get older. We start to see changes in places we haven't seen before such as excess hair growth or loss, loss of colour pigment in our lashes and brows, and cracked heels and dry cuticles

Some tips to help or enhances that would be:


You may be embarrassed to go your local beauty therapist about these hair changes, but don't be as they specialise in its removal.

Popular spots we now remove hair from are chin, sides of face, breast, nostrils and ears.


You may find your lashes are thinning and getting blonder and you may become sensitive to mascara or no longer have the skill to apply mascara.

Eye lash tinting is very popular as it lengthens, darkens and thickens to the appearance of your lashes.

Eye Brow tinting is another popular service within the senior group as it enhances the colour, shape and thickness of the brows as hair becomes thin and sparse in this area.

We sometimes trim the brows too as you can develop thick, wiry hair in the brow line as we age!


Tightness, fine lines, itching, sensitivity and flaking are all skin woes we'd rather skip!

Investing in regular facials can help combat these issue and have wonderful relaxation benefits as well.


Great for when your cuticles and heels become dry, to help relive those areas.

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