Anniversary of Adoption apology from Qld Government

IF drops of rain are truly tears from heaven, then they were surely shed for good reason at the 5th Anniversary of the Qld Government's Apology for Forced Adoption Policies and Practices.

The moving ceremony in remembrance of parent and families separated from their babies was held in the lush gardens of Roma Street Parklands on Monday, November 27. At times, the warm Summer showers meant umbrellas were held over the guest speakers who acknowledged the dreadful hurt and pain inflicted through past practices to a group of around 30 people.

The emotion was palpable as speeches noted the positive effect of the Government's Adoption Apology which gave acknowledgement from the Qld Government that their Forced Adoption Policies and Practices were cruel, inhuman and traumatised everyone affected by them.

Notes from the ceremony included words from Colleen Bernard of Origins.

"By taking the time each year to remember those who have gone before us we can continue to educate and inform future generations, so that these tragic events should never be repeated again. A true apology means trying never to make the same mistakes again.

It is with the true courage and the wisdom of knowledge that we should be able to live on having made others aware of a history, that many people until this date four years ago knew nothing about. Many strong people raised their voices in unison to make people aware of their personal grief. The wrenching pain of the past that cannot be reviewed, but if we fact that pain with courage, it need not be lived again by anyone else in future generations.

Like anything repaired it is still very fragile and can once again be easily damaged or broken. We need to continue to be the voices of the future children and babies that are as yet to be born." (Extract only).

In the same notes, further words from Trish Large and ALAS Members, Adoption Loss Adult Support Australia Inc (ALAS) were published:

"What this Adoption Apology mean to me personally, it's a sacred piece of paper which vowed and declared in October 1968, I would fight till I had no fight left in me to hear the words Sorry we took your much loved and wanted baby. Getting this Apology cost me dearly not years of emotional torture, but physically and financially, you could say I lost everything, but I knew that along with a few die hard determined people we would eventually succeed in changing so many laws for the better. Yes! It was worth struggle for all the 44 years it took. (Extract only).

Associated Groups:

Association for Adoptees Inc. 0417 406 681,

Jigsaw Queensland, 07 3358 6666 ,

Origins Queensland, 0403 469 509,

The Benevolent Society, 07 3170 4600,

Adoption Services Queensland, 07 3224 7415,

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