STILL ROCKING: And no plans on stopping, musician Angry Anderson.
STILL ROCKING: And no plans on stopping, musician Angry Anderson. Danni Nix

Angry Anderson still belts life into his best rock tunes

ANGRY Anderson looks the same today as he did a couple of decades ago.

At 69, the raspy-voiced rocker is still hitting the stage, belting out the songs that have held him in good stead since the 70s and 80s.

And he vows to continue touring and performing as long as he has breath in his body.

"Not having had hair for so long does contribute to the way I haven't changed much (in looks),” he said recently when he accepted the compliment from Senior's Newspaper.

"My mother was Mauritian with beautiful skin. I have inherited that.

"I drink as much water as I can.

"Some days I achieve it, some days I don't.”

Longevity doesn't come to most old rock stars.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll have gone hand in hand with the career.

But for Angry Anderson, who admits to more than his share of drugs and alcohol in the past, it was spirituality that put him on the road to better health, mental well-being and enlightenment.

"I gave up the hard life when my daughter, Roxanne was born in '83,” he said.

"I did stop drinking for a couple of years and proved I didn't need to drink every day.

"Now I enjoy the odd glass of red and white wine.”

Although performing on stage with a rock band is obviously draining - and Angry cannot talk or have anyone around him for at least a half an hour after each gig - he bounces back quickly and can still manage at least three performances a week.

All of the band members are considerably younger than Angry Anderson but he says it makes no difference, in fact they admire and look up to him.

"They are very complimentary to me,” he said.

"I put my physical body on the line.

"What I do is very physical. On stage the gestures are big, you throw your arms about.

"My performances have always been physical but my passion is great.”

Routine keeps Angry fit enough to endure the physical performances, with an early rise of 5 each morning, followed by a 40 minute gym session, then an hour's walk with the dogs.

"I am in the office from 9am until noon and then in the afternoons there is always something to do,” he said.

"I have a bush block so there is something active going on, building rockeries or doing something.

"Then late afternoon I walk the dogs again for another hour.”

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