INSPIRING: Andrew Church is staying positive in his battle against Stage 4 lung cancer, and recently launched his new book Quotes, Antidotes and Meanderings.
INSPIRING: Andrew Church is staying positive in his battle against Stage 4 lung cancer, and recently launched his new book Quotes, Antidotes and Meanderings.

Andrew launches inspirational book amid battle of his life

MILITARY historian, author and businessman Andrew Church has lost "a bit of weight” but none of his positivity in his battle against Stage 4 lung cancer.

Instead, earlier this month he launched his latest book - a coffee-table offering aimed to inspire readers with 'Quotes, Antidotes and Meanderings', and original artwork by Jen Watkins.

The launch came at a community trivia night, organised by JC Entertainment & Events, with the support of Central Coast Leagues Club, which raised $7000 towards Andrew's treatment.

Despite being told the cancer - six tumours across both lungs - was "inoperable and untreatable” and that intense palliative chemo (with no hope of cure) was his only option under conventional medicine, Andrew has taken up a strong strategic position in his war against the disease.

"I'm trying everything I possibly can to build up my body and its immune system to give myself a fighting chance,” he said.

After much research since his diagnosis in November, his program now includes receiving a series of Vitamin C infusions (for its antioxidant properties), lymphatic drain massage, salt therapy to cleanse the respiratory system, special cancer physiotherapy, Chinese herbal medicine and starting on a ketogenic diet.

This is a low carbohydrate diet, high in good fats, with little fruit and no sugar which cancer feeds off, with the glucose usually used to provide the body's energy replaced by the breakdown of fats.

While Andrew knows some people may dismiss these alternative regimes as "quackery”, he said there is anecdotal evidence, dating back in some case centuries, as well research which backs their therapeutic and healing powers.

And they simply make practical sense.

"Exercise, physiotherapy, salt for the lungs and a healthy diet - none of this can be bad for you,” Andrew said.

But neither does it come cheaply, costing Andrew on average $7000 per month, and leading to a Gofundme campaign as well as his own garage sales, including sale of a motorbike and car.

"I've had to sell a lot of things, but that doesn't matter, they're just things,” Andrew said.

He will have scans next month to confirm what difference, if any, his program has made, but already has "little inklings” that at least his immune system is fighting back.

And, he said, the community had been "a massive help and support”.

Happily, Andrew has also seen a slight increase in numbers through his Central Coast Interactive War Exhibit, which he had feared last year was in danger of closing due to lack of custom.

The unique displays, worth up to $1 million, have been collected from all conflicts in which Australia has been involved since the Boer War, including most recently artefacts, including a fatal bullet, from aircraft flown by Australian pilots and shot down in the Battle of Britain.

As with everything, he's just taking it one day at a time, and hoping the support will continue.

Andrew's book ($40 plus P&H) will soon be available on his website:, but if you are interested in the meantime, email

The Interactive War Exhibit is open 10am-4.30pm every Wednesdays, the first Sunday of every month, or by appointment, and groups are welcome. Admission is just $15 adults or $10 Seniors and students. For more, go to:

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