The air-conditioning trick that could save you a fortune

IF you haven't read this on Facebook already, this little story could save you a small fortune.

With much of Australia sweltering in the past week, many have been cranking up the air-conditioning.

But with power bills so high, some are probably just as worried about the cost of comfort as beating the heat.

A tip that could save you big time is using DRY mode with your air-conditioning.


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Using the dry setting could save as much as half of your power cost.

The mode removes humidity out of the air, running the compressor at reduced speed, saving on energy consumption.

It also means the air-conditioner is not blowing out as much cold air straight at you, which can make it unpleasant for those of us who don't like it that cold.

So what is the dry mode?

On many air-conditioning remotes there are a number of setting options.

The dry mode is normally a water drop while the cool mode is often a snow flake.

The dry mode works by removing the humidity.

But it doesn't remove all the humidity in the room.

The air in the room passes through the airconditioner and the water vapor condenses on the evaporator.

Dry air will then exit the unit and flow back into the room. 

With less humidity, you feel cooler.



Emma Finn
It definately works! I've got ours on dry setting. It saves turning the air con on and off, plus saving electricity.

Caroline Sloane 
It works as well, have mine on the dry setting at the moment and the house is very comfortable.

Vicki Fitch
Yep it's called open our windows as we don't have air con

Kellie Roberts
I did it with my big one last night in the living area, cooled the whole house on 25 and had to turn it off this morning as was freezing!

Tara Szepanowski
I only use the dry function. It's amazing! Cools out whole house down. Where as on the cool mode it only does part of the house

Barbara Smith
Have been using the dry setting on our air con (ducted) for the past 6 years with climate control set at 25 degrees C (recommended the most economic way to run any air con). Have only resorted to the cool setting 2 or 3 times this summer, never used it before. Works best if you put it on before the house heats up, however, if you are unable to do this start on the cool cycle and when the temp reading on the climate control reaches 25 degrees turn it over to dry. Remember, if you set your climate control temp too low, especially in high humidity conditions, the condensor ices over, blocks the air flow, no air flow = no cooling. If using ducted air con try cooling one room at a time. We cool the living areas first then cool the bedrooms in the evening prior to use.

Leisa Wheatland
Good info. We don't have aircon at home but don't need it either with our beautiful sea breeze but good to know for work 

Katey Saad
Another tip to save energy is by turning it on early in the day. Close curtains and blinds

Leanda Headford
Plus having your aircon set at 23 saves money

Sue Evison
So chuffed my post is helping thousands around Australia to be more comfortable in their AC using the DRY mode and saving them with reduced power usage too!  you are welcome to read MY full story on my FB page for full details on how and why this works as well as comments from AC technicians and many others who are using it now!

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