HEALTH CHECK: Include a hearing test when having your new year health check.
HEALTH CHECK: Include a hearing test when having your new year health check.

Add hearing to your new year health check

WHEN you are planning at the start of the new year for your health check, Hear Check's Dr Tegan Keogh recommends you add hearing to your appointment list.

"Often people will get their eyes checked which helps them to lip read and communicate well, but they do forget their ears and hearing," Dr Keogh said. "It's knowing the two go hand-in-hand."

Other new year tips from Dr Keogh are -

Chronic disease

If you are using a medication for the treatment of a chronic disease, it is possible your hearing could be affected.

"Sometimes those drugs can have quite a negative impact on hearing which then destroys the patient's quality of life," Dr Keogh said.

"If you have diabetes or another chronic disease, then that is another reason to have a hearing assessment."

Summer time

Another item to add to the new year list is a set of earplugs; either the cheap ones from a pharmacy or Bunnings, or a more expensive, custom-made pair because as the summer season progresses and the garden blooms from the heat and rain, Seniors will often be found nurture their green spaces - without using hearing protection.

"Often they are working with noisy equipment," Dr Keogh said.

"It's never too late to start wearing hearing protection," she recommends.

Just because you might already have hearing loss doesn't mean the mower or blower isn't affecting you. Both will do further damage to your hearing.

"If you can't have a normal conversation beside a piece of equipment that's operating, then it's too loud," Dr Keogh added.

Get dry after swimming

After enjoying a dip in the water, don't forget to dry your ears to avoid fungal or virus problems.

"Lots of people use Aqua Ear after swimming or hop on one foot to get the water out of their ears," Dr Keogh said. Either way, she reminds us not to put in our ears anything smaller than your elbow. "Don't use cotton tips or cotton buds in your ears."

To organise your new year hearing health check, contact your local independent audiologist.

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