COOL AND CLASSIC: A white shirt and denim is an elegant after-dark summer look that will stand up over time.
COOL AND CLASSIC: A white shirt and denim is an elegant after-dark summer look that will stand up over time. JANIFEST

A wardrobe recipe for summer, holidays and parties

The sun is beating down and temperatures are well in the 30s after 6pm, but there are holidays to be had and parties to attend.

Summer in Australia is synonymous with sunburn, hot and sticky nights and scorching hot days, but it's also the festive season which means togs and flip flops can't be a 24/7 uniform.

Trends come and go but summer wardrobe essentials are a sure-fire way to stay cool but dressed for the occasion while making the most of the classic but casual Australian aesthetic.

Here's a tried and tested recipe to stay sun smart and cool but still meet the Christmas party dress code for both men and women.


A white t-shirt.

Avoid looking under-dressed in a t-shirt by opting for a high-quality, well-made piece. Steer clear of thin, cheap material and un-hemmed pieces and choose t-shirts that have a classic neckline and enough length to tuck in to skirts or pants.

A white shirt

The same rules apply to the white t-shirt - choose a piece that is high quality and with attention to detail it the hems and buttons. The white shirt is the evening version of the white t-shirt so don't be afraid to spend a bit more to get the right piece.

Good-fitting denim

This doesn't necessarily have to be jeans. A denim skirt, jacket or even a dress can fit the summer brief just as well. Similarly to the white shirts, make sure it's a high quality and finished with attention to detail. Happily for a summer brief, denim doesn't have to be dark so feel free to choose a wash-faded finish for a more casual look - although avoid frays.


Literally anything linen - skirts, pants, shirts or jackets. The linen textile is made from plant fibres and is strong, absorbent and dries faster than cotton. It's also valued for staying cool and fresh in hot and humid weather. Ideal.


It wouldn't be summer without colour. Add a splash of personality with coloured accessories or a light jacket. Literally any colour and any contribution to the outfit will do but colourful accessories and shoes are the ideal way to mix and match for countless outfit options.


Start with the basics and add the finishing touches.

A solid foundation could consist of a mix of white shirts (depending on the occasion), some causal denim and line essentials. For example, start the day with a denim option on the bottom half and white t-shirt, then add a linen jacket and swap the t-shirt for a crisp white shirt for the evening.

Alternatively, invest in a linen set and switch the denim for another linen separate for a more formal aesthetic.

Once the foundations are set, add colour and accessories for personality. One or two additions are ideal for day wear or more casual commitments while adding a few more layers of colour and texture can dress up a basic outfit for slightly more formal or evening wear.

Happy creating and happy holidays.

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