Mum who said no to chemotherapy ‘poison’ clear of cancer

A SUNSHINE Coast mum who decided to fight breast cancer without drugs is clear of the disease and about to go undergo reconstructive surgery.

Corissa Macklin-Rice underwent a double mastectomy in March last year after being diagnosed with stage three ductal carcinoma which had spread into her lymph nodes.

She chose not to have chemotherapy, radiation or the oestrogen blocker Tamoxifen after watching her mother's battle with breast cancer which ended with her death in 2011

Ms Macklin-Rice regards the conventional drugs as "poison" and chose to fight cancer by adopting an organic vegan diet and making lifestyle changes.

The Bli Bli 43-year-old said she was now clear of cancer.

"I believe your body has everything it needs to fight. You just need to give it the right fuel," she said.

She treated a recurrence of the disease - some lumps in scar tissue - in May this year using a home-made black salve.

Ms Macklin-Rice put the recurrence down to becoming slack with her diet, sneaking "party foods" and alcohol.

"I had got a little complacent with food so I had to get strict again," she said.

Besides eating mostly fruit and raw food, Ms Macklin-Rice also fasts for three days once a month.

"I'm a great believer that our digestive system holds the key to our health," she said.

"By doing the fasting, you give your gut a chance to have a break and repair."

She said yoga had also proven life changing, helping to heal, become more accepting, and believe in herself.

She said her healthy lifestyle changes were hard at first but she had no problem maintaining them for the rest of her life.

"I'm committed to living," she said.

Ms Macklin-Rice plans to use her spare time before and after reconstructive surgery on October 6 to start a blog for people interested in her approach to cancer and general health.

"I wouldn't encourage everybody to heal the way I have. Not everybody is ready for that," she said.

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