Landlord Joanne Kerse is distraught that her house has been trashed by a tenant.
Landlord Joanne Kerse is distraught that her house has been trashed by a tenant. John McCutcheon

Landlord's nightmare: Rental home trashed, 'stripped'

JOANNE Kerse was hoping her neighbours were over exaggerating when they called her to say the house she rented out was missing the front door and could be smelt from the street.

Unfortunately they weren't and Joanne and her son James arrived to the house on Sunday night to find that the tenant of four years had entirely stripped it of all appliances and severely damaged all of the house.

"I got a call from the neighbours saying the front door had been removed on Sunday night and when we got here we realised the house had been stripped and a lot of damage had been done," she said.

"My family have already filled a massive skip with all of the tenants personal items that had been strewn about including soiled nappies and mountains of dog faeces with maggots coming out of it."

Other damage included multiple holes in the walls, a smashed letter box, damage to the pool, snipped wiring, disconnected pipes, missing kitchen handles, fans and lights ripped out, the toilet stolen, the shower head gone, missing doors and paint stripped from the walls.

Joanne said after seeing the damage she called her insurer and that's where it got worse.

"I contacted my insurer and mentioned the missing a front door and they sent someone to board it up which was really nice, until they phoned us on monday morning and said your landlord insurance policy doesnt cover you," she said.

"From there we basically fell apart because there could be as much as $15,000 in damage in the house and so I phoned them back and we're now in discussion rectifying that."

Joanne said she wanted to warn other landlords of the incident so they wouldn't end up in a situation like her.

"The whole thing here is that we have had this insurance for 10 years and we paid a really good high premium and we're not covered for anything to do with landlord or tenancy on our property," she said.

"I'd just like to let everyone know to check their policies very carefully and make sure they have the optional extra added on to cover them."

Her son James who is a builder was now taking time off work to spend 10 hours a day repairing the house.

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