Grandparent: little bit parent, teacher and best friend

This month a Gold Coast city libraries spokesperson talks about the relationships between grandparents, grandchildren, carers and libraries:

"Grandparents - do you realise the amazing impact you have on your grandchildren by sharing stories and rhymes, singing, talking and playing with them? This is not only enjoyable, but valuable in supporting their brain development as well.

Grandparents have their own unique relationship with their grandchildren and often have access to that most important illusive treasure - time. However, even the busiest grandparents can take advantage of the opportunities that arise through the regular activities you experience with your grandchildren. Sharing books and stories, chatting during mealtimes and talking about things beyond the here and now are all known to help children's literacy development.

Wendy Butler, grandparent of two-year-old Acer, said she loves to interact with Acer using everyday activities like shopping, going to the beach or cooking as great opportunities to enhance the use of language.

"It actually makes me stop and look at life through the eyes of a child and realise the valuable learning opportunities, that we as adults take for granted.

"We also love to share our time, looking at and discussing our favourite books (especially talking about what we can see and what the story is about) and singing songs and nursery rhymes".

Visit your local library for ideas and tips for your grandchild's literacy,

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