Parents risking kids' lives with dangerous "Pox Parties"

AUSTRALIAN parents have been warned against risking their kids' lives by deliberately exposing them to childhood diseases at "pox parties".

The AMA yesterday urged parents who opposed vaccinations to think long and hard before following the trend that is sweeping across America.

Some US families are holding gatherings so their children are exposed to another person with diseases like chicken pox.

The aim is for the youngsters to catch the disease to build up a natural defence instead of being vaccinated.

AMA Queensland president Dr Chris Zappala said deliberately exposing children to any illness could kill them.

"The potential severity of these illnesses is being underestimated," Dr Zappala said.

"Chickenpox is usually milder in children, but it can result in serious complications and even death."

Instead, Dr Zappala urged mums and dads to immunise children.

"Exposing your children to disease in the hope of developing their immunity is terribly misinformed," Dr Zappala said.

"It will not benefit them and it will not benefit society."


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