Child sex offender says justice system ‘ruined’ him

A FORMER Ipswich child sex offender who says the justice system "ruined" him will return to jail.

Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Jean Dalton on Monday issued a warrant allowing John Robert Bragg to be detained for breaching a strict supervision order after he allegedly failed an illicit drug test and allegedly stole a generator.

Bragg was placed on a 10-year dangerous prisoner supervision order in 2007 after serving nine years behind bars for indecent treatment of a child, assault with intent to rape and offensive behaviour.

His victim was 13 years old at the time of the attacks.

Bragg must comply with 30 strict conditions under the terms of the supervision order.

Over the past nine years, he has faced court multiple times for breaching the supervision order.

Most of the breaches were drug related, but in 2014 he faced an allegation he stalked a woman while he was on parole.

Appearing via videolink from Townsville on Monday, Bragg told Justice Dalton it was "morally wrong" for him to be constantly monitored.

"I ran a business successfully and they just ruined me," he said of the justice system.

"It's all one-sided - nobody listens."

Bragg told the court that the latest breach was "a bit of a mistake".

Justice Dalton said the only way Bragg would get off the supervision order would be to ensure there were no more breaches.

"You've been on one of these orders for a very long time," Justice Dalton said as she ordered Bragg be detained.

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